Monday, November 21, 2016

Goldberg Returns, Destroys Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series

The Survivor Series main event featuring Brock Lesnar taking on the returning Goldberg was seemingly already as unique as it gets when it comes to today's WWE - the fact that they brought back Goldberg for a main event match when their entire focus recently seems to have been on the next generation, on top of the fact that they haven't had the best relationship with him over the years was a big deal from the get go.  Even though it was great to see WWE thinking outside the box and going with a special match that you couldn't see any other week on free TV, it was pretty much a lock that Brock Lesnar would be getting his WrestleMania 20 win back.

Over 6 years ago we wrote about Goldberg negotiating for a WWE return, but even then it was clear that WWE wanted to focus on their own future and not a guy who was a megastar for WCW.  The one thing that Goldberg always stated is that he would make a return if it meant his son would get to see him in action live, but the way WWE would use him seemed to be the X factor that would always shut down was clear WWE wouldn't let their young stars be destroyed by an older star, which is one of the problems which has kept WWE in a stale state for the most part.