Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Dudley Boyz Officially Gone from WWE Once Again

When the Dudley Boyz returned to WWE a year ago, the surprise moment blew the roof off the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn and gave the impression that the tag team division would be getting a big boost from one of the best WWE tag teams ever; fast forward to one year later, and the Dudleys stood in the same building on RAW and announced their retirement from WWE.

In the last few weeks it became apparent that the Dudleys were heading for a change; yes they seemed to lose almost weekly over the past year, but in the past few weeks there was a spotlight put on the fact that miscues between the Dudleys were causing these losses and 9 times out of 10 in wrestling, this means a tag team breakup was on the way.  It was almost TOO obvious that the Dudleys were going to split, and many felt that Bubba Ray would be used as a singles star if he brought his "Bully Ray" character from TNA to WWE.  The culmination of all of this seemed set in stone as news broke yesterday that The Dudleys would be "retiring" on RAW.