Sunday, November 15, 2015

R.I.P. Pro Wrestling Legend Nick Bockwinkel

The wrestling world has lost another legendary figure as WWE Hall of Famer and multi-time AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel has passed away at the age of 80.

Bockwinkel spent the majority of his career in Verne Gagne's AWA, but became well known worldwide as he came from an era when champions of the major promotions travelled across the globe.  Bockwinkel was known for being from an era where many champions carried themselves with an aura of class with a touch of cockiness, something Nick did better than most which made him a great bad guy champion in the AWA for many years.

While Bockwinkel actually defeated AWA owner Verne Gagne to win his first AWA Title in the 70s, perhaps his most famed time as champion was when he was repeatedly challenged by Hulk Hogan in the early 80s.  Fans were infuriated that Nick would somehow escape losing the title to Hogan in all of their title matches via one loophole or another - a fact that eventually sent Hogan to the WWF for his famous run as their champion.  Nick's last run as AWA Champion was in 1987 which ended when he lost the title to Curt Hennig and proceeded to retire from the ring.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Breaking News: Seth Rollins Injured; Stripped of WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins Injured

In what has to be considered one of the biggest shakeups seen in WWE in recent years, it has been announced the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins suffered a knee injury on the overseas tour that will put him out of action for 6-9 months.  Due to the circumstances, WWE has announced that Rollins has been stripped of the championship and a tournament will be held at Survivor Series to crown a new champion.

The timing of course couldn't be for Rollins as he's been pushed as WWE's top guy for months now and undoubtedly would've had a big role at WrestleMania 32.  Rollins was set to take on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series and the outcome would've probably made it clear as to what the title picture would look like going into WrestleMania season.