Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Remember When...Bobby Heenan Debuted the WCW Title on WWF TV

Heenan WCW beltIt's been quite a while since there has been a new edition of the "Remember When..." series, so today we're bringing it back with a look at one of the most shocking (yet somewhat under recognized) moments from the early 90s. 

In 1991 it was clear that the WWF and WCW were the two major pro wrestling companies in the country, and while they were in competition with one another, you would never hear one acknowledge the other.  Hulk Hogan had been the top WWF guy throughout the 80s and Ric Flair was that guy for WCW (formerly the NWA.)  The dream match between the two was the darling of wrestling magazines and fan conversation, but a real encounter was something that never seemed like it would be real...until a bombshell dropped by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan on an otherwise typical episode of "Wrestling Challenge" changed everything.