Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Official: Hulk Hogan Set to Return to WWE and Will Host WrestleMania 30

Hulk Hogan Returns at WrestleMania 30

The rumors have circulated ever since his departure from TNA, and now it's official: Hulk Hogan is returning to WWE this Monday night on RAW and will be the host of WrestleMania 30.

It's only fitting that one of the most iconic figures in WWE and WrestleMania history will be on hand for the 30th edition of wrestling's Super Bowl, and now we know the role he will play.  Being Hogan's physical condition won't allow him to see much in-ring action, there is no doubt that Hulk still brings a huge presence to "WrestleMania season" and will enhance things like only he can do.  The nostalgia factor alone in having the guy that was carrying the company during WrestleMania 1 involved in this mega event will make it must-see for many.

Having Hulk in a "host" role for the big event opens up a lot of possibilities as far as interaction with current stars to set up their matches for 'Mania, which will undoubtedly see any current stories enhanced by Hulk's involvement. It remains to be seen how Hulk will be involved on this Monday's RAW, but the buzz created by his return is positioned perfectly to excite people even more for Monday's launch of the WWE Network.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

R.I.P. Nelson Frazier aka Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V

R.I.P. Nelson FrazierThe wrestling world lost one of its true giants earlier today as Nelson Frazier, known to most in wrestling as "Mabel," "Viscera," or most recently "Big Daddy V" passed away from a heart attack at the age of 43.

Frazier first arrived in WWE in 1993 as part of the tag team "Men on a Mission (M.O.M)."  The group consisted of Frazier as "Mabel" along with tag partner "Mo" and their manager "Oscar."  The trio was a rap group (although Oscar was the only one that actually rapped) and had a very brief tag team title reign in 1994.  At 6'9 and over 400 pounds, it was a foregone conclusion that "Mabel" would somehow be used in a more prominent position at some point in WWE; that time came in 1995 when Men on a Mission turned heel on their manager and Mabel began a run as a singles wrestler.