Sting Makes First Ever WWE Appearance at San Diego Comic Con!


If WWE wanted to make a splash at San Diego Comic Con this year, they have done just that; not only did they advertise appearances by a unique lineup of heavy hitters like Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman, and even Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, but a major home-run surprise is what really created a buzz for both WWE and Mattel at comic con: the first live WWE appearance of Sting!

As most of you know, Sting’s WWE 2K15 game commercial created a ton of buzz about Sting finally working with WWE and now this latest appearance only furthers the notion that Sting is indeed working with WWE since this San Diego Comic Con event was not 2K related.  While this event was for Mattel and was to showcase their new line of WWE figures (a new Sting figure is included) it only shows that Sting is on good terms with WWE and will most likely debut on WWE TV at some point in the next year.

If you think about it, the way WWE has been putting a spotlight on Sting and giving him the much deserved presentation he has earned, it only makes sense that WWE plans on using Sting in some capacity soon.  Sting is the centerpiece of the new WWE game, today he was the major surprise at Comic Con, and we all know WWE wouldn’t be shining such a light on someone they weren’t on the best of terms with.

This had to be an awesome event to attend being it was Sting’s first live WWE related appearance.  We will update with video when it becomes available.

**Update** Here is the video of Sting’s Comic Con appearance:

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