Friday, April 11, 2014

The Ultimate Warrior's 5 Most Epic Matches

As the wrestling world continues to celebrate the career of WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior after his untimely passing this week, we've been thinking back to all the moments that the Warrior's classic matches gave us.  While many have pointed out that the Warrior was never a technical wrestler in the ring, the emotion created in his matches showed the ability he had to create epic moments that have and always will live on.  Below we share our top 5 Ultimate Warrior matches, but feel free to join in and share your own as well.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Breaking News: The Ultimate Warrior Passes Away

R.I.P. Ultimate WarriorThis has to be the most surreal post we've ever had on this site in its 7 year existence; just 24 hours after The Ultimate Warrior made his return to RAW after an 18 year absence, the newly inducted WWE Hall of Famer passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 54 as confirmed by

Just this past Saturday night, The Ultimate Warrior made his triumphant return to WWE as his induction headlined the 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony.  He also appeared before the 75,000 fans at the Superdome in New Orleans along with the rest of the Hall of Fame class at WrestleMania 30; then last night, The Warrior made what will be his final appearance as he returned to RAW, donning his signature trench coat and an Ultimate Warrior mask as he gave a speech in his signature persona that was almost eerie now that he is no longer with us just 24 hours later. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Undertaker's Legendary Streak Ends at WrestleMania 30

The Undertaker's Streak EndsWrestleMania 30 was an event that delivered on many levels; in recent years it's felt like each year's hype for WrestleMania exceeds what takes place, but this year WWE really delivered an event that actually exceeded the hype.  One event in particular delivered a moment that will never be forgotten in the annals of WWE and WrestleMania history - the end of The Undertakers historic undefeated streak.

Leading up to WrestleMania 30 I was firmly convinced that The Undertaker would extend his streak to 22-0 without much chance of anything different.  I watched live as The Undertaker defeated Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania 7 and every one of his victories since.  It seemed that Undertaker getting past young lions like Randy Orton and Edge at WrestleManias over the years showed that the streak would remain a solid part of WrestleMania, and if it were to ever be broken it would be to a similar young lion that would "receive the torch" so to speak; even the thoughts of John Cena eventually ending the streak seemed like a possibility since he would be the remaining "top star" to challenge it.  All of these thoughts added to the utter shock felt by the wrestling world as The Undertaker was defeated cleanly by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Will WWE Fans Get Their Magic Moment with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30?

Daniel Bryan WWE Champion WrestleMania 30It's WrestleMania week and WWE has created the mega-buzz that would be expected for the 30th incarnation of it's signature event.  From Axxess and the Hall of Fame to the big event itself, WrestleMania 30 is the biggest event of the wrestling year, and without a shadow of a doubt Daniel Bryan is the Superstar that fans can't get enough of going into the event.

A year ago it would have been hard to imagine that we would be here writing about Daniel Bryan's popularity being on the same level as that of a Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan, but that's exactly what's happened over the course of the year.  The "Yes Movement" has taken over the wrestling world and basically forced Daniel Bryan into the main event picture of WrestleMania.