Sunday, May 12, 2013

TNA Rumors: Christy Hemme Upset over Austin Airies Incident?

Christy Hemme Austin Airies IncidentIf you watched Impact this past Thursday, you saw a rather odd moment where ring announcer Christy Hemme made a mistake in announcing Austin Airies and Bobby Roode as their opponents Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.  The heel immediately reacted of course and hit the ring, with Airies forcing Hemme to correct her mistake and announce them again.  What followed in the next few seconds is what has people asking if Airies crossed the line.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

WWE Rumors: Is John Morrison Set to Return?

John Morrison WWE ReturnYesterday ran a story featuring an interview with John Morrison where a variety of topics were discussed, mainly Morrison's new fitness program.  What's odd about this is WWE rarely features a Superstar that isn't currently on the roster unless it's a legend type.  So why would WWE take the time to give John Morrison such spotlight?  Is a return to WWE imminent?