Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ric Flair's Son Reid Dead at 25

RIP Reid FlairShocking and sad news to report today as Ric Flair's 25 year old son Reid was found dead this
morning at the age of 25.  Reid is known to many wrestling fans for being involved on WCW Nitro in the late 90s as a kid at his dad's side.  Reid had since become a pro wrestler himself and was actively competing on the independent scene as well as in Japan.

There are no details as of yet on Reid Flair's cause death as of this writing, and we are all in hopes there is no connection to his 2009 arrest for drug possession therefore we won't speculate.

Reid was always talked about as a great amateur who had the ability to make it in pro wrestling, unlike his brother David who obviously didn't inherit his father's skill.  Reid debuted in 2008 in a much talked about match where he teamed with his brother against the Nasty Boys, with very special referee Hulk Hogan.  Since then it had been expected that it was only a matter of time before Reid popped up in TNA or WWE. 

This is without a doubt a devastating day for Ric Flair who as we all have seen is always highly emotional about his family.  Our condolences are with the Nature Boy as are those of the entire wrestling community.  Below is a match featuring Reid Flair from Japan that happened less than 2 weeks ago, and shows what a promising young talent he was.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Watch "GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" Online Free

The Gorgeous Ladies of WrestlingIf you were a wrestling fan in the 80s, you no doubt either watched or have at least heard of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.) GLOW was an all girl wrestling show that was syndicated across the country right alongside wrestling giants of the time like the WWF, NWA, and AWA.  But GLOW just wasn't any plain old women's wrestling promotion; those that watched it knew it was like nothing wrestling had ever seen.  These ladies were setting a standard before the term "Diva" or "Knockout" were even thought of, and had quite a story in the process of making it as far as they did.
The documentary "Glow: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" tells the entire story of how it came together and talks to many of the show's stars.  Mt Fiji, Matilda the Hun, Godiva, Tina Ferrari (who later became WWE's Ivory,) Little Egypt, Hollywood and Vine, and Americana were just a few of the names that really give you an idea of how diverse the characters on this show were.  If that's not enough, just take a look at the now famous GLOW intro that included a group rap (hey it was the 80's):

 That intro might give you an idea of what was so different about GLOW.  It wasn't just women's wrestling; it was way over the top characters, it was comedy skits in between the matches, it was a ring with pink ropes and neon signs, it was in a word....FUN. 

This show obviously never took itself too seriously; it's tongue in cheek humor were a welcome change at the time, especially for a kid like me who turned on this show and saw all these crazy cartoony characters.  There were clearly defined "good girls" and "bad girls," and every one of them had a character of some sort.  Some may have not appreciated at the time for it's campy nature, but now many look back at GLOW as one of the most unique shows in wrestling history.
The documentary below is very well done, and not only tells the story of GLOW from the performers themselves but also catches up with what many of the girls have done since.  The highlight is the GLOW reunion organized by Little Egypt which sees many of the girls reunite for the first time in 20+ years.  If you were a fan from that era or just enjoy wrestling documentaries this one is definitely worth viewing:


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bella Twins Return to WWE

Bella Twins Return to WWEIn what was a bit of a surprise on RAW last night, the Bella Twins made their return to WWE in a backstage segment with Team Rhodes Scholars and Kaitlyn.  It's been almost a full year since we reported the Bellas were leaving WWE and the angle where Eve Torres "fired" them to explain their departure occurred.  Now the Bellas are back to aid what can only be described as a floundering Divas division.

We mention that the Bella Twins' return is a bit of a surprise mainly because there had not been any rumors of their return, but maybe it's not all that surprising since as far as anyone knows the Bellas are both still dating WWE Superstars.  A few pics landed online a few months ago revealing that Brie Bella is dating Daniel Bryan while Nikki Bella is with John Cena.  If those 2 relationships are indeed still in tact, their return to WWE makes a lot of sense.

The Bellas have always been a unique act and really could've done a lot more if they were given more of a spotlight.  Of course WWE's TV-PG stance holds a lot back, mainly the divas.  Imagine if it was the Attitude Era and we still had bra and panties type matches mixed in with meaningful Diva matches, the Bella's star would shine brighter than ever and they would no doubt get more notice.

Nikki and Brie Bella are back to hopefully bring some much needed interest to the Diva division.  Oh, and if you had trouble distinguishing which Bella is which, one noticeable change will help you out now that the Bellas are back.  Yes, Nikki Bella got breast implants during the twins time away, so just remember - Nikki is the one with the boobs!

Bully Ray is the New TNA Champion and the Leader of Aces & Eights

TNA World Champion Bully RayTNA Lockdown gave us the big payoff to the near 9 month Aces & Eights angle and solidified the company's new top star.  Bully Ray was revealed as the leader of the group, as he defeated Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Title. 

For the past few months speculation has run rampant that the leader of Aces & Eights might turn out to be Jeff Jarrett or Eric Bichoff, which would have been somewhat predictable because both were ousted from the company in separate storylines.  As the story rolled on, Bully Ray's name started coming up as possible group leader after the way he's been positioned the past few months.  Many felt Bully was the ONLY option if they really wanted to gain something from the big reveal; that being a much needed solid top heel.

The Bully Ray turn had become somewhat obvious the past few weeks since the over the top push of Bully being so proud of being Hulk Hogan's "son-in-law" and his corny smiles and comments about being so in love with Brooke Hogan were just too much to believe given the source.  Hulk solidified the turn in a pre-match talk with Bully where he talked about his match with Andre the Giant and gave Bully the advice to "make sure they remember you"....which pretty much told us the turn was coming.

While I agree that Bully Ray is one of the top heels in wrestling that just needed 1 last little push to become THE top heel in TNA, the logic behind all of this that bothers me.  If Bully Ray has been the leader of Aces & Eights all along, why has he been in matches with them and getting beat down by them for months now?  Will they explain that Bully wasn't hitting them hard in those matches?  Will they say that Aces & Eights guys are so tough that they beat each other down for the sake of their cause?  I just hope they explain this SOMEhow. 

TNA has sorely lacked a super strong top heel for a long time now in my opinion. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are good heels, but have been much more suited in their tag team than the main event situation.  Bully's transformation of his persona into a top singles guy has been awesome to watch, and he is ready to carry the company as the strong heel champion.  With TNA on the road weekly starting this week, this was probably the best move they can make given the lack of any big name free agents currently on the market.  Hopefully TNA can keep the momentum going and can make sense of the Aces & Eights story in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

R.I.P William Moody AKA Paul Bearer

R.I.P Paul BearerShocking news to report tonight as one of wrestling's most legendary managers, William Moody AKA Paul Bearer AKA Percy Pringle has passed away.  Few details are known at this point, but this is a huge loss to the pro wrestling world as Moody left a legacy with each of his personas over the years.

I personally first saw Moody as Percy Pringle in World Class Championship Wrestling during the mid-80's.  Pringle was quite the mouthpiece for a variety of talents at the time.  It was weird a couple of years later to see Pringle as a good guy manager after being one of the companies top heels for so many years against the likes of the Von Erichs. 

An even bigger surprise for me was in 1991, as this new manager debuted who would be replacing Brother Love as the manager of The Undertaker....his name was Paul Bearer.  Bearer was indeed Percy Pringle reincarnated into a ghoulish over the top figure that would come to be a legendary part of The Undertaker's history over the years.  Bearer was there for so many historical Undertaker moments, including many of the famous WrestleMania matches during "the streak." 

During his long and storied WWE career, Bearer also managed the likes of Mankind and of course Kane.  It seemed like Bearer would always reinvent himself especially during the Attitude Era and was always involved in many of the big stories of the time. 

Over the past few years, Paul Bearer made multiple returns to WWE as his connection with The Undertaker and Kane lived on.  It was apparent Bearer would always be a part of the WWE family, and his legacy will never be forgotten as I'm sure WWE will be giving William Moody more than his just due.

 Below I've included an awesome video which is a pictorial history of the career of Bill Moody/Percival Pringle/Paul Bearer....R.I.P to one of the greatest of all time: