Monday, January 28, 2013

The Rock is Once Again WWE Champion...but Where Do We Go From Here?

The Rock WWE Champion The 2013 Royal Rumble has come and gone and despite much speculation, WWE didn't throw us any curve balls as far as the Royal Rumble winner and WWE Champion going into WrestleMania 29.  The Rock is once again WWE Champion after defeating CM Punk after a restart due to The Shield's interference, thus ending Punks record setting title reign.  In the other main event match, John Cena won the Royal Rumble after last eliminating (and pretty much killing the momentum of) Ryback.  So as of now a Rock vs. Cena rematch seems to be the direction WWE is sticking with.

Of course if the Rock/Cena rematch is what WWE is sticking with it's hard to argue that it will do good business since last year's match did so well, but they also gave us a lot in the buildup to last year's match which is why many fans on the Internet are still hoping WWE swerves us and gives us a totally different main event.  All this build just to see Cena get his win back from last year does not sound captivating at ALL to us.  The Elimination Chamber event is still to come before WrestleMania 29, so there is a slight chance things could get shaken up.  But if that were to happen, what other match possibilities are out there?

The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar - This match has been talked about since Brock returned to WWE last year.  The match would have a bit of history behind it since Lesnar won the WWE Title from The Rock at Summerslam 02, and the issue was never really resolved.  Lesnar has just re-signed with WWE, so a scenario that would see him return due to being pissed off that The Rock was able to waltz in and get a title shot unlike Lesnar got would make a lot of sense.

The Rock vs. Ryback - This match would be tough since Ryback has lost a ton of momentum after all his losses, and especially being so easily disposed of in the Rumble.  This match is a stretch since Ryback probably isn't ready to face off with The Rock - especially on the mic.

The Rock vs. CM Punk - This match makes total sense since obviously Punk would want a rematch after the Rumble's controversial match.  There has been talk of a possibly triple threat match with The Rock vs. Punk vs. Cena.  I'm usually not a fan of triple threats, but at least Punk might add a little something to the same old Cena vs. Rock banter.

We've got around a couple of months to go on the road to WrestleMania 29, we're hoping it's not going to be full of the same hype for another Cena vs. Rock match that will only lead to Cena getting his win back.  We can't imagine another long Cena title reign doing the same old thing and beating everyone.  The same grace would be a Cena heel turn which would make him an entirely new character, but we've been hoping for that for around 5-6 years now....and we'll probably just keep hoping.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Breaking Spoilers: New World Heavyweight Champion Crowned at Smackdown Tapings

**Spoiler warning: don't read this post if you want to be surprised**

With The Rock returning Monday on RAW, the early "Road to WrestleMania" vibe is already in the air which means you can expect the unexpected for the next few months.  That very vibe was evident tonight as the World Heavyweight Championship changed hands at the Smackdown tapings when Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match for the title.

With Del Rio recently turning face and Ricardo Rodriguez being used to help get him over as a good guy, defeating the Big Show will definitely propel Alberto back to a top spot in the company.  This title change really comes out of the blue, since it seemed Big Show was in the midst of a long reign that would go until at least WrestleMania.  All this could be to set up a rematch at The Royal Rumble that would see Show regain the title after claiming he wasn't actually pinned or submitted in the Last Man Standing match.  There was some early buzz that Ryback would take on Show at WrestleMania, but this title change may turn things more toward an Alberto vs. Dolph Ziggler title match at 'Mania.

Things are heating up in WWE right now, and they are making an effort to bring back some "must see TV" since the ratings have been low the past few months.  Alberto's title win will air this Friday on Smackdown, along with The Rock's first appearance on the show in 10 years.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Will the WWE Title Picture Look Like Going Into WrestleMania 29?

WrestleMania 29 RybackWrestleMania 29 CM PunkWrestleMania 29 John Cena

With the 2013 Royal Rumble approaching quickly, ratings pretty much in the dumps, and a ton of scenarios that could lead into WWE's biggest show of the year, today I'm taking a look at what the possibilities are for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29.

Usually around this time every year, it's pretty clear what the title match at WrestleMania will be.  This year is a different story as there is so much going on with so many different talents, it's hard to say where things will end up.  For starters, we have the longest reigning champion in years in CM Punk.  Not since the 80's has a champion reigned for over a year, which will obviously make any kind of title change mean more if it were to happen.  For the past year, the common thought has been that The Rock was coming in at the Royal Rumble and winning the title for his "one more time" championship run regardless of who it was against.  That may very well still be the case, as Rock beating Punk for the belt would definitely create some buzz especially since The Rock is such a mainstream star now.  If the Rock DOES win the title, it will definitely point towards Rock vs. Cena 2 at WrestleMania 29.

The question is, do people WANT to see that match again?  The Rock defeated John Cena cleanly at WrestleMania 28, everyone was happy, and the "Once in a Lifetime" concept worked just fine.  Does anyone really want to see Cena get his win back, thus earning The Rock's respect?  I don't.  What about a Punk vs. Rock rematch?  I'm not very interested in that either.  Rock vs. Punk on the mic alone will be great, but their Rumble match should get the job done on that story in my eyes.  Then there's the idea that this year's breakout star that made that made a huge impact on the WWE scene could be involved in the title picture - that man is Ryback.

Ryback burst onto the WWE scene this year and was in the WWE title hunt after just a few short months.  CM Punk has escaped 2 encounters with Ryback already, but Ryback's momentum has sustained and it's only a matter of time before fans demand Ryback get a fair shake at the belt.  A Ryback vs. Punk match wouldn't carry much of a WrestleMania feel since the match has happened a couple of times, and could possibly happen again this Monday.  Could WWE shake everything up Monday and have Ryback beat Punk?  Or will they risk him walking away without the belt once again.  Then there's the off chance WWE could go with Ryback vs. The Rock if either man wins the belt before WrestleMania.  There is definite intrigue there, but coming up with a finish for that one could be tricky.  Ryback vs. Cena is another possibility that would split the crowd and make for a hot title match, but would strand Rock and Punk in non-title matches.

WrestleMania 29 is shaping up to be a star studded event with a ton of possibilities.  The Undertaker's streak will most likely be on the line again against whoever he chooses, Brock Lesnar is still under contract to WWE, Triple H can always throw the tights back on, and even Steve Austin has stated he is open to another match under the right circumstances.  With so many talent possibilities on the show, the actual WWE Title match they go with will hopefully be something that feels WrestleMania worthy.  There is always the chance WWE could get really crazy and shake things up using Dolph Ziggler's Money in the Bank briefcase in the mix, but these 4 guys are who I see as possible WWE Title match guys this year.  Which WWE Title match do you really want to see at WrestleMania 29?