John Cena Saved the RAW Ending, but WWE Fans are Demanding Change

John Cena Daniel Bryan RAWThis past Monday’s RAW finally stirred up some interest in what has been a very stale WWE for the past few months in my opinion.  Same old stories, same characters, same lack of anything edgy.  It all came to a breaking point Monday when WWE tried to force ANOTHER John Cena vs. Randy Orton match down our throats as THE biggest match ever….but the fans were having none of it and are rejecting what WWE gives them more loud and clear than ever.

As I’ve stated before, I’m no fan of John Cena’s “I am a good guy forever and ever” character and think it’s been played out since 2006-7 or so.  That being said, Cena is obviously big money and obviously has a big place in WWE’s history, it just seems that WWE refuses to do anything different or interesting with him.  I believe Monday’s final segment was finally a moment where the fans weren’t just anti-Cena, but anti-everything WWE tries to force on them.

Many may say it was because RAW was in Daniel Bryan’s home state of Washington, but in reality Bryan has been getting monstrous reactions every week yet WWE still decided to take him out of the title picture. Monday was a clear sign from fans – from not letting Triple H speak due to the ‘YES!” chants to Randy Orton getting “boring” chants during a segment that was built to push Sunday’s TLC unification match as one of the biggest matches in history, WWE fans are not interested in the players involved and won’t be forced to care.  As I watched the segment I felt a vibe that the entire thing had been ruined from WWE’s perspective since the fans could care less about what they were presenting, but it was John Cena of all people that seemed to pull things together enough to make one of the best RAW endings in a very long time.  His promo was borderline shoot which brings some much needed reality back to WWE, and the way Cena acknowledged what the fans wanted judging by their Daniel Bryan chants seemed to calm them down and at least listen to what he was saying.

RAW’s ending is getting so much attention in my opinion because it’s finally making fans think; did Cena call an audible by involving Daniel Bryan in his promo since the fans obviously didn’t want to hear anything else?  Did WWE feel the segment would bomb ahead of time and therefore included Bryan and Punk in the booking of the ending to fire things up?  No one can know for sure, but the involvement of Punk and Bryan along with Shawn Michaels and the other legends combined with some clever interactions that lead to a final tease of Cena possibly standing side by side with The Authority created the much needed interest for the TLC ppv and the overall story.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Daniel Bryan being a main event guy either.  I actually come from the school of big guys and larger than life guys being the stars, but I can also admit that it isn’t my opinion that matters.  Lesson here is, WWE has to listen to the thousands of fans that are almost ruining segments because they aren’t getting who/what they want and won’t accept less.  Fans are obviously tired of the same old thing and want change.  WWE is looking at ppv numbers and judging who gets pushed based off that, but it’s definitely a challenge to balance that with what we see and hear from fans on live TV. 

While it’s obvious that fans in arenas want to see Daniel Bryan on top with CM Punk in that same realm, how can WWE remedy this?  A Cena heel turn has just about 0% chance anymore (which would make it all the better if they ever did it,) the odd dynamic of The Authority siding with Orton yet hinting at something with Cena as well is intriguing since we can’t really tell where it’s going.  One thing seems sure, and that’s that Daniel Bryan will continue to be the fans favorite and his popularity may just force WWE to use him in a top position if they don’t want more near disasters like Monday’s RAW on their hands.

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