Huge Rumor: Batista Set to Return to WWE?

Batista WWE ReturnEver since Batista departed WWE in 2010, it seems like every few months a rumor about him returning pops up.  This is especially true during the buildup months to WrestleMania every year, where Batista’s name is included along with a host of others as possibly making returns at the big show.  While rumors of a Batista return were still active just a few months ago when Batista visited WWE”s performance center, a leak of information occurred recently that seems to confirm that Batista will indeed be making a return to WWE in early 2014.

WWE released press information in the past few days to select arenas that will be hosting WWE live events in February 2014.  One of the releases reads as follows:

“WWE’s Road to Wrestlemania will make a stop at Las Vegas’ Thomas and Mack Center on Sunday, February 16. Don’t miss your favorite WWE Superstars including: CM Punk, The Shield, Big Show, Kane, the WWE Divas and much more! Plus, see the special return of “The Animal” Batista, LIVE!”

A similar release was also seen in the Phoenix market, which all but confirms WWE’s plan to have Batista back on the road with them by February.  WWE may have messed up by sending these releases out early and may have planned to have Batista make a surprise return at this years Royal Rumble.  Then again maybe WWE realizes things have been pretty stale lately and needed to “leak” a little info. about a big star the caliber of Batista in order to create a buzz, which has indeed worked if that was the case.

During his time away from WWE, Batista briefly entered the world of MMA and also landed some big movie roles.  When news spread that Batista had been cast as “Drax the Destroyer” in the upcoming Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the general feeling was that Batista’s movie career was taking off and a return to wrestling may not happen after all.  In actuality, Batista’s WWE return may be perfect timing for him to promote the movie which will generate great media for all involved.

On the wrestling side of things, the door is wide open as far as who Batista could return to feud with leading up to WrestleMania: a surprise Royal Rumble win leading to a match with fellow former Evolution member Randy Orton for the WWE World Title, a revenge angle with John Cena who he last feuded with, or maybe being involved with some newer talents such as The Shield or the Wyatt Family.  Of course Batista will always have the connection to Triple H so some sort of involvement with “The Authority” is always possible as well.

Regardless of how his return is handled, a Batista return will bring some much needed star power back to WWE as we head toward the monumental 30th WrestleMania. Do you think Batista should jump right into a main event/title situation or be used more to elevate some of the newer talents if he is indeed returning?

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