WWE Rumors: Is John Morrison Set to Return?

John Morrison WWE ReturnYesterday WWE.com ran a story featuring an interview with John Morrison where a variety of topics were discussed, mainly Morrison’s new fitness program.  What’s odd about this is WWE rarely features a Superstar that isn’t currently on the roster unless it’s a legend type.  So why would WWE take the time to give John Morrison such spotlight?  Is a return to WWE imminent?

It would seem that all signs point to a return to WWE for John Morrison in the near future.  He was asked the directly in the interview about a WWE return, to which he replied “By the time you hear the thunder, it will be too late because the lightning would have already struck.”  So it sounds like something is definitely in the works, after all…they wouldn’t be giving a guy any attention on their site if it was possible he’d pop up in TNA any time soon.

Morrison seemed like a guy that was poised to be a huge star in WWE, he almost gave me the vibe of a young Shawn Michaels.  But for whatever reason, he got lost in the mix and he seemed to be going nowhere toward the end.  His face turn was a flop in my eyes because any guy that does slow motion poses for his entrance and is labeled the “Shaman of Sexy” is a natural heel, and anything less just doesn’t work unless he changed his character.  Morrison is a hell of an athlete that does amazing things in the ring, but the time away could be just what his character needed.

So if/when Morrison does return, who does he feud with?  He mentions Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and The Miz in his interview.  Of course if they acknowledge the way he went out at the hands of The Miz that could turn into something.  Either way hopefully Morrison can get a bit of a character and reach the level he seemed to be destined for.

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