Ric Flair’s Son Reid Dead at 25

RIP Reid FlairShocking and sad news to report today as Ric Flair’s 25 year old son Reid was found dead this

morning at the age of 25.  Reid is known to many wrestling fans for being involved on WCW Nitro in the late 90s as a kid at his dad’s side.  Reid had since become a pro wrestler himself and was actively competing on the independent scene as well as in Japan.

There are no details as of yet on Reid Flair’s cause death as of this writing, and we are all in hopes there is no connection to his 2009 arrest for drug possession therefore we won’t speculate.

Reid was always talked about as a great amateur who had the ability to make it in pro wrestling, unlike his brother David who obviously didn’t inherit his father’s skill.  Reid debuted in 2008 in a much talked about match where he teamed with his brother against the Nasty Boys, with very special referee Hulk Hogan.  Since then it had been expected that it was only a matter of time before Reid popped up in TNA or WWE. 

This is without a doubt a devastating day for Ric Flair who as we all have seen is always highly emotional about his family.  Our condolences are with the Nature Boy as are those of the entire wrestling community.  Below is a match featuring Reid Flair from Japan that happened less than 2 weeks ago, and shows what a promising young talent he was.


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