Scott Hall Set to Move in with DDP and Jake Roberts

I feel like this post is quite a bit overdue, because what Diamond Dallas Page is doing to save lives is in a word – phenomenal and deserves to be recognized.  For the past couple of months I’ve been following DDP’s mission to save Jake “The Snake” Roberts from his years of alcohol and substance abuse problems that had sadly become one of the things Jake is most well known for.  It was over 15 years ago that we saw Jake in “Beyond the Mat” which documented just how bad his problems were and how far he had sunk.  There was no improvement over the years, and Jake truly seemed like a lost cause.

In what has to be considered somewhat of a miracle, Jake has turned his life around and is literally looking better than he has in over 15 years….all thanks to Diamond Dallas Page.  For the last few years DDP has been spreading the word about yoga and the program he started known as “DDP Yoga”; it has helped many people, including many wrestlers who have used his system to help their bodies recover from injuries etc.  DDP reached out to Jake Roberts and offered to move him into his house, get him clean, and rehabilitate him physically and mentally.  Of course there was much doubt that this would work since Jake is so notorious for going back to his bad habits, but the results have been amazing.  Just take a look at DDP’s Youtube channel and watch the videos, the story is truly awesome as it progresses.

What was extra cool about the story is hearing DDP talk about when he first became a wrestler at age 35, and how Jake was one of the few that believed in him and helped him along the way.  DDP now gets the chance to return that favor in the best way possible.  Of course with the dramatic turn around of Jake Roberts, many people began to wonder if DDP could help another legendary wrestler whose notorious spiral downward is on the same level of Jake’s: that is of course being Scott Hall. 

Hall is another former major star who just 10 years ago was a top name in any company.  His substance abuse problems were apparent even during his major run in WCW as part of the nWo, and he hasn’t been able to stay on the right track since that time.  Hall looked great in TNA just 3 years ago, but again that run didn’t last long.  We posted the Scott Hall story on ESPN E:60 that aired in 2011, and it really depicted the problems Hall has dealt with for many years.  Hall is another guy that has a long history with Dallas Page, as Page managed Hall in WCW before he was even a wrestler, and of course Hall helped launch Page’s big run as a name in WCW.

After receiving a text from Sean Waltman (X-Pac) who let him know about the situation, DDP made a call (not the first attempt) to Scott Hall and recorded himself and Jake talking to Hall about joining them at the house.  This video really tells you how bad off Scott Hall is.  Hall tells them directly that he’s “dying” and was having vodka for breakfast.  Hall was in really bad shape during this call, but by the end it sounds like Hall is ready to make an attempt to turn things around just like Jake has.  DDP is doing amazing things with these guys that even multiple stints in rehab couldn’t do for them.  These are guys who seemed like they were lost causes for many many years and were quite possibly at death’s door.

Hopefully Scott Hall follows through with this, and soon we’ll be watching another awesome turnaround just like we have with Jake Roberts.  DDP is really making a difference and is literally saving lives.  Here is the phone conversation DDP and Jake have with Scott Hall:

***Note: The video was removed by DDP after Kevin Nash voiced his displeasure with the conversation being recorded.  DDP plans on showing Hall the video when he arrives and clearing it with him before putting it back up.  We will add the video back here if/when it goes up.***

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