Happy Black Friday: Wrestling DVD and Merchandise Deals

Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Thanksgiving brings back a lot of Wrestling memories. A couple years back we posted a “Remember When” about The Survivor Series Thanksgiving Tradition.

After spending Thanksgiving with family, a lot of shoppers choose to take advantage of the “Black Friday” sales. It’s late afternoon now here, so most of the early bird chaos has subsided. Perhaps you took advantage of some of these deals.

May we offer another suggestion? Black Friday deals are often found online, and next Monday comes the newer online shopping “holiday” of Cyber Monday.

At any time during the year, if you are looking for some good deals on Wrestling merchandise, take a look at the PWR DVD Store, stocked with wrestling DVDs and Blu-Ray.

For more general online deals ( we know our audience is shopping for more than just Wrestling merch), I don’t really think you can beat the Black Friday deals ( great prices on just about everything, free shipping offers, sometimes no sales tax), whether you are looking for TVs, video game systems, tablets, laptops, Kindles, iPads, everything offered by Amazon:

That’s a link to their general Black Friday deals. So far this shopping season I took advantage of the following deals:

I got the Kindle Fire HD. Also picked up the newest generation of the iPod touch ( Amazon doesn’t allow us to link to that directly, but once you get on their site you can search for just about everything), and a few toys.

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