WWE Smackdown Results (7/13)

Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, or, for this week only, Friday Night Zackdown as Smackdown’s GM for this week is Long Island, Iced Z! Zack Ryder. Ryder earned the right to become GM of Smackdown for the week after winning a battle royal last week where he last eliminated Kane.

We kick things off this week with a video from the latest
episode of Z True Long Island Story in which Zack Ryder announced that he will
be GM of Smackdown this week.

Smackdown comes to us this week from Denver, Colorado and
your commentators are Booker T, Michael Cole & Josh Matthews and Lilian
Garcia introduces the GM for the evening’s festivities, Zack Ryder. Ryder
welcomes everyone to the  very first
Friday Night Zackdown. He then gets a fist pump started with the crowd and says
this is going to be the greatest Smackdown ever. Alberto Del Rio then comes
out. Del Rio says he thought Teddy Long was a joke when he was General Manager
but he calls Ryder a stupid clown who calls himself the internet champion. He
steps into the ring and says this  Sunday
he becomes the real world champion and after that he will rule Smackdown. Ryder
then corrects Del Rio and says this is Zackdown.  Ryder tells Del Rio there’s someone who wants to get their
hands on him and he’s Del Rio’s opponent right now and out comes Sin Cara and
we are taken into our first match

Sin Cara vs Alberto
Del Rio

Del Rio charges and Sin Cara sidesteps. Dropkick by Sin Cara
and Sin Cara off the ropes and Del Rio drops him with a clothesline into a
cover and 2 count only. Another cover after a series of stomps and again 2
count. Suplex by Del Rio and another near falls. Irish whip and Del Rio charges
but misses and Sin Cara puts the boots to Del Rio. DDT by Sin Cara and a
cover  but only a 2 count. Irish whip by
Sin Cara, reversed by Del Rio and a back elbow. Scoop and slam and 2 count on
Sin Cara. Del Rio off the ropes but Sin Cara moves out of the way and Del Rio
holds onto the ropes. Del Rio on the apron and Sin Cara with a kick to the head
sending Del Rio to the floor. Suicide dive to the outside by Sin Cara


Hard kick by Sin Cara and cover for a 2 count.  Sin Cara on the top rope and a series of
headbutts. Picks Sin Cara up and delivers a shoulderbreaker. Armbar on Sin Cara
looking for a submission. Del Rio whips Sin Cara into the ropes, Sin Cara with
a kick to the face. Sin Cara off the ropes again and Del Rio counters with a
tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Cover by Del Rio but 1 count only. Del Rio works over
the arm and again 2 count. Sin Cara fighting back but Del Rio kicks his leg out
from under him. Flying headscissors by Sin Cara. Knee strikes to Del Rio, Del
Rio charges, Sin Cara gets the boots up and a DDT to Del Rio and a 2 count.  Sin Cara to the top, swanton and misses. Del Rio locks the
cross armbreaker in and Sin Cara taps.

The winner of the match: Alberto Del Rio
Backstage: Teddy Long is with Zack Ryder and tells him he’s doing a good job of running Smackdown tonight. Big Show comes in and says Ryder is doing a terrible job and he can’t believe Ryder  won the battle royal. Ryder shouldn’t be the GM Big Show should be. Great Khali then shows up and Ryder books Big Show vs Great Khali
Primo vs Darren Young
Primo & Epico lock up and an exchange of blows between
the two and Primo gets the upperhand with a headbutt.  Irish whip by Primo reversed by Young and
Young runs into Primo’s boots. Primo to the top and flying headscissors
delivered to Young. Young with an irish whip looking for a clothesline, Primo
ducks and holds onto the ropes. Drop toehold by Primo and Young falls face
first against the middle rope. Primo off the ropes and the leg across the back
of the neck sliding out to the floor. Primo back in and Young with a slingshot
across the top rope. 2 count on Primo and Young slides out of the ring dropping
an elbow across Primo’s neck and Young on the apron with the leg drop and 2
count. Young with a neckbreaker and lateral press but 2 count and back to the
cover but 2  count.  Legdrops and elbows across the throat and
cover but Primo kicks out. Young with the keylock on Primo and Primo back to
his feet counters with an armdrag. Springboard flying elbow off the ropes into
a cover but Young reverses and catches him hoists him on his shoulders.  Counter by Primo, Primo  looking for the backstabber but . Young
shakes him off. Young looking to finish Primo off, picks him up Primo and Primo
rolls into a small package for the three count
The winner of the match: Primo
We get another Raw Memorable Moment and it’s from April 11, 2011 when Edge announced his retirement
Backstage: Zack tells Sheamus if he and Alberto mix it up tonight he’s calling Sunday’s match off because he has reponsibilities. Chris Jericho shows up because he wanted to see this Zackdown train wreck in person. Sheamus tells Jericho if he’s looking for a train wreck to step into the ring with him tonight. Jericho says he’s not there to step into the ring with anybody he’s only there as an observer. Ryder then says that sounds like a great idea and books Sheamus vs Chris Jericho and Sheamus tells Jericho he better not be on this track because he’s going to run Jericho over.

Christian & Santino Marella vs Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes
Rhodes and Christian lock up, shoulderblock by Rhodes and
Christian back up.  Christian with a
shoulderblock of his own. Wristlock on Rhodes and tag to Marella. Rhodes tags Ziggler
in. Takedown by Ziggler, fireman’s carry into a pin and 2 count. Irish whip
into the corner, leapfrog by Marella and he takes Ziggler over with an armdrag.
Tag to Christian and Christian comes off the top rope with an elbow. Hot shot
by Christian as he snaps Ziggler’s neck back on the top rope. Hook of the leg
and 2 count. Knee to Christian and a forearm to the back. Ziggler tags Rhodes
back in. Christian fighting off both Rhodes and Ziggler. Christian up on the
second rope going for a DDT countered by Rhodes. Rhodes drops him face first.
Hook of the leg and quick cover but 2 count only. Tag back to Ziggler and a
standing dropkick to Christian. Elbow to the side of the head and reverse
chinlock and Christian fights out of it. Christian off the ropes and knee to
the gut by Ziggler. Ziggler tags Rhodes back in and a standing front suplex by
Rhodes. Rhodes with the cover Christian kicks out. Taking a breather against
the ropes, Christian kicks Rhodes away. Rhodes lifts  Christian up and sunset flip by Christian.
Rhodes kicks out and Christian delivers a flapjack to Rhodes. The tag to
Santino, Rhodes tags Ziggler. Santino unloads on Ziggler an armdrag and the
flying headbutt off the ropes. Santino sets up for The Cobra, Rhodes with the
clothesline from behind. Christian from behind open handed palm strike and he
clotheslines Rhodes over the top rope. Ziggler hits the ZigZag, the cover on
Marella and the 3 count
The winners of the match: Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes


Big Show vs Great Khali

Khali and Show lock and the huge slap by Show and Khali
fires back and another huge chop to Show. Show with the WMD and the cover on
Khali for the 3 count
The winner of the match: Big Show

Tyler Reks vs Ryback

Ryback and Reks lock up and Reks with knees to Ryback and
Reks unloading on Ryback in the corner. Reks off the ropes and Ryback mows him
down. Ryback tosses Reks to the outside. Ryback yanking him up by the hair and
Reks snaps Ryback’s neck on the top rope. Reks back in, off the ropes and belly
to back suplex by Ryback. Ryback winding up for the clothesline and Reks gets
the boots up. Reks off the ropes and a shot to Ryback’s gut. Off the ropes
again and this time Ryback levels him with the clothesline. Ryback picks Reks
up on his shoulders and delivers The March Of Ryback, the cover and the 3
The winner of the match: Ryback

Damien Sandow vs Justin Gabriel
Sandow and Gabriel lock up and an armdrag by Sandow and
Gabriel with a legsweep into a quick cover but count of 1. Shoulderblock to
Gabriel. Sandow with the back suplex. Sandow with The  Elbow Of Disdain and 2 count only. Chinlock
on Gabriel. Sandow with the whip, Gabriel with a backflip and kick to Sandow’s
leg. Series of kicks by Gabriel and one last kick to the head. Gabriel charges
but Sandow moves out of the way and Gabriel hits the turnbuckle. Sandow with the
double hook and knee strikes and he hits the M14 swinging neckbreakker on
Gabriel. Sandow floats over, the cover and the 3 count
The winner of the match: Damien Sandow

We get another Raw re-cap highlighting the revelation of the anonymous Raw GM
Chris Jericho vs Sheamus

Sheamus and Jericho lock up and Sheamus backs Jericho into
the corner. Slap to Sheamus and Sheamus beats Jericho down. Irish whip and
Jericho holds on and slides out and Sheamus chases him. Back in the ring,  Jericho off the ropes, Sheamus hits the
battering ram from the ring apron. Jericho hits a dropkick from the second rope
and goes for a cover but 1 count.. Irish whip into the corner by Sheamus,
Jericho jumps over the ropes to the apron and goes for a right but it’s blocked
by Sheamus. Sheamus pulls Jericho back against the ropes and delivers The Fiery
Red Hand across Jericho’s chest. And Sheamus off the ropes pushes Jericho off
the apron and Jericho goes crashing through the announce table.

Jericho back in and he delivers a kick to Sheamus’ face.
Jericho with punches to Sheamus’ head and it’s Jericho with clubs of his own
across Sheamus’ chest and a chinlock. Sheamus sidesteps and Jericho hits the
post shoulder first. Sheamus with a clothesline. A shoulderblock in the corner
and a huge knee to Jericho. A slam by Sheamus but Jericho counters and comes
off the ropes, Sheamus hits The Irish Curse backbreaker and 2 count only. Irish
whip, Jericho leaps up Sheamus catches him on his shoulder and a rolls forward
dropping all his weight onto Jericho but 2 count only. Codebreaker by Jericho but
Sheamus blocks it and throws in into the corner. Brogue Kick but Sheamus
misses, Jericho springboard off the ropes and a dropkick to the head. Lionsault
onto Sheamus and 2 count. Backbreaker by Sheamus and 2 count. Piledriver by
Sheamus countered by Jericho into the Walls Of Jericho and Sheamus reaches the
ropes. Sheamus looking for White Noise countered again and Jericho locks the
Walls in once more. Sheamus counters it. Sheamus with White Noise and 2 count.
Sheamus calling for The Brogue Kick, misses, Codebreaker by Jericho and 2
count. Sheamus kicks Jericho away. Sheamus up on the top rope and Jericho hits
The Codebreaker and 2 count, Jericho fired up yelling for Sheamus to get up.
Jericho looking for another Codebreaker, Sheamus hits The Brogue Kick and the
cover for the 3 count
The winner of the match: Sheamus
Post Match: Sheamus
is walking up the ramp and Alberto Del Rio’s music hits. Out comes his car but
it’s not Del Rio driving. Del Rio from behind and a kick to the head and he
locks the cross armbreaker in on Sheamus
-End Show-


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