Rip and Zeus from “No Holds Barred” Open Twitter Accounts

Rip vs. Zeus No Holds Barred

This is pretty cool for anyone that was a fan around the time the “No Holds Barred’ movie was released in 1989.  The main 2 characters from the movie, “Rip” and “Zeus” have opened official Twitter accounts that WWE has acknowledged.  The accounts both clearly state that they are not actors Hulk Hogan or Tiny Lister, but rather the characters from the movie.  It might be a bit cheesy to some, but hey this movie is all about cheese yet still has to be considered somewhat of a cult classic.

The Twitter accounts are a unique way WWE is promoting the first ever release of No Holds Barred on DVD on July 3rd.  It’s hard to believe out of ALL the DVD releases over the years, this is the first time No Holds Barred has been available.  The movie came out at an odd time in WWE when “Zeus” crossed over the from the movie and they tried to push a main event feud between Zeus and Hogan, but Zeus didn’t cut it in the ring so plans were scrapped after a couple of pay per view tag matches where Zeus’s weaknesses could be hidden.  I’ve read rumors over the year that Zeus vs. Hogan at one point was even planned to headline Wrestlemania 6.  The movie itself was fun at the time being Hogan pretty much played himself, and also saw appearances from Gene Okerlund, Jesse Ventura, Stan Hansen, Demolition Ax, and other wrestling personalities.

Now all these years later, No Holds Barred is all about some fun nostalgia and these Twitter accounts are very cool.  It’s quite humorous to see both Zeus and Rip commenting and interacting with current WWE stars.  Check out the accounts @Rip and @Zeus on Twitter, and check out No Holds Barred for the first time on DVD on July 3rd.

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