Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler Confirmed for WrestleMania 29?

There was talk last month that WWE might once again announce a match for WrestleMania 29 a year in advance similar to how John Cena vs. The Rock was set up last year.  Rumors of Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker’s match being announced ended up not happening, most likely due to Brock Lesnar’s return which seemed to throw things off. 

Meanwhile Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler had been working their own angle for months on Ryder’s “Z! True Long Island Story” web show.  On the show Ryder has claimed to be the “Internet Champion,” and for quite a few episodes now Ryder has “hacked in” and had his own segment where he rants on any given topic.  None of this has really been acknowledged on WWE TV, and Ryder’s Internet Championship isn’t seen on TV either.  In recent weeks, Ziggler has been on Ryder’s show challenging Zack to an Internet Championship match at WrestleMania 29, and this week Ryder finally accepted in a face to face segment on the show.  They pushed the match, had a graphic for it, and the angle aired on the WWE YouTube channel.  All of this still seems a bit odd, but it did come across like the match is really set to happen at Wrestlemania 29.

Now the question is, is WWE really going to push this match as a marquee WrestleMania 29 match?  Is it possible they are going to run this as a way to cater to Internet fans who are following things as they unfold online?  Could their be mainstream matches such as Rock vs. Cena from this past year that are put together in a more traditional way, and then matches like Ryder vs. Ziggler that come together in a more creative fashion?  Or is all of this just Ryder and Ziggler working their own angle, which will all fall apart when WWE books something totally different?  WWE hasn’t acknowledged the Internet Championship and still have Ryder losing regularly on TV, so it seems far fetched they would put a big spotlight on him a year before their biggest event. 

The match isn’t a bad idea at all since thousands have seen it unfold over the past few months and being WrestleMania is in the New York/New Jersey market, it’s a natural fit to have Ryder in a headline match.  We have a year to go, so it will be interesting to see how the Ryder/Ziggler WrestleMania match continues to unfold.

Check out the full episode of this week’s Z! True Long Island Story including the Ryder/Ziggler set up, and Zack Ryder’s crew celebrating The Avengers premiere as only they can below:

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