Triple H Sells Arm Injury at Floyd Mayweather Fight

This past weekend, Floyd Mayweather brought quite an entourage with him to the ring for his fight against Miguel Cotto.  Among Mayweather’s crew were 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, and WWE COO Triple H.  The appearance of Triple H sparked a lot of talk since it appeared at a glance that he was showing no signs of the Brock Lesnar attack from this past Monday as he held up one of Mayweather’s belts, which many felt was an insult to the entire story.

I didn’t catch Triple H on the live broadcast but after looking back and seeing a few pics from the event, it became apparent that Triple H did indeed have a brace on his arm the entire weekend, including when walking to the ring with Mayweather.  Being that Triple H was pretty much in the background on the broadcast, the brace wasn’t overly obvious, but never the less he didn’t ignore the current story and sold the injury to his left arm.

It seems like some people were just ready to jump all over this, but Triple H has a pretty old school mentality so obviously he wouldn’t let something like this slip by.  In fact there is a full story on explaining how nothing was going to stop Triple H from making the appearance, and how the brace was versatile enough to be taken off for media photo opportunities. The Lesnar/Triple H story is without a doubt the most interesting situation currently going, so it’s good to see Triple H making sure the little things are still covered so some fans can remain connected with the story.

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