Shane Douglas Issues Statement on Extreme Reunion

Extreme Reunion has turned out to be the most talked about independent show this year, even if all the talk isn’t positive.  On the good side, the promotion drew 2200 fans to the event, something that many of the high spot ridden big talk indy promotions can’t do.  Shane Douglas went all out promoting this event, even invading Monday Night Raw which we reported don a few weeks ago.  The crowd was there, but the bad part is there were so many bad moments that holding on to that big crowd will be an uphill battle for the company.  There were so many negatives coming out of the show that Shane Douglas has issued a statement on how the company plans to improve.

On to what actually went wrong.  We’re not talking about bad matches necessarily or the show just being lackluster as is the case with some shows.  Extreme Reunion unintentionally put a spotlight on some of the talents that can no longer handle the “Extreme lifestyle.”  For starters, Sabu was set to headline the show against Douglas, but was unresponsive in his hotel room and paramedics had to be called.  Justin Credible tweeted a pic of Sabu unconscious in his hotel, and it really turned out to bite Credible in the ass as he was found backstage in similar condition and fellow wrestler and friend of Sabu Luke Hawx posted the pic of Credible seen on the right.  Sabu never made it to the show, and Credible was asked to leave and didn’t work either.

The actual show saw technical difficulties which are fairly common for a first time presentation, and some of the matches had to be shifted around due to 2 main guys not being in condition to work.  There were a few bright spots like the Jerry Lynn vs. Devon Storm (Crowbar) match, but it seemed like more negative kept popping up in between the positive.  Raven apparently changed things on his own and ended up not actually wrestling, so 1 more main eventer not performing and pissing the fans off worse.  By the time Douglas came out for the main event against his new opponent 2 Cold Scorpio, the fans were hitting him with chants like “this show sucks!”

What we can’t forget is that this show DID draw, and they have introduced some newer talent to the “reunion” formula.  Some positive changes could still give this company a presence (no word on if they will keep the name “Extreme Reunion” or come up with a new promotion name.  In the video below Douglas announces the first round of changes, including taking himself off the active roster and no longer allowing performers who are in any form of toxic condition.  Can Douglas make the right changes and form something that can be a legit alternative?  Time will tell.

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