Randy Orton Suspended by WWE for 60 days

Randy Orton SuspendedJust over a month ago Rey Mysterio was suspended for his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, Randy Orton has now suffered the same fate.  Like Mysterio, Orton will now serve a 60 day suspension due to his second Wellness Policy violation which puts him in jeopardy of missing the 1,000th episode of RAW on July 23rd in his hometown of St. Louis.  We say jeopardy because WWE hasn’t released the detailed date of when the suspension began, although Orton did appear on RAW this past Monday night.

After Orton’s appearance on RAW, dispensing of the Miz in a fairly meaningless segment, I was preparing a post on my thoughts about Orton being lost in the mix lately and not doing much of anything.  Now Orton will have to sit out for 2 months, which could be a good thing if he comes back recharged and involved in a good story.  But now with 2 strikes against him, Orton is in the same spot as Mysterio as far as a 3rd strike meaning termination from the company.  WWE would no doubt hate to lose these main event talents to TNA, but according to their policy that is what would happen should a 3rd strike take place.

No word on what the suspension was actually for, but being WWE suspends for steroids, painkillers, and even marijuana, it could be any number of things.  It does make you wonder what is going on with these veteran main event guys when they know they could be tested at any given time.

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