Paul Heyman Returns to WWE!

Monday Night RAW this week was looking like a pretty standard show, until Paul Heyman came walking down the aisle in his first WWE (or any other wrestling show) appearance in many years.  Heyman was introduced as Brock Lesnar’s “legal representation,” pretty much reviving the role he played during Brock’s debut in 2002.  It took a few seconds for the crowd to realize they were actually seeing Paul Heyman making his way to a WWE ring in 2012.

Heyman was used as the mouthpiece for Lesnar since they are running the angle that Lesnar broke Triple H’s arm and was not in the building.  Heyman read a statement from Lesnar stating his problems with WWE, and then stated that he was quitting the company.  Now all this of course will extend the story that Lesnar is a loose cannon and will give WWE the chance to keep him off TV so his dates aren’t used up too fast.  Heyman really shined here due to his delivery.  Heyman is the perfect guy to speak for Brock, since Brock is still rough at times when it comes to mic work and getting a story across.  Heyman is THE guy for this role as his passion comes through and can really drive a story home.

Now being Brock “quit” at the end of the statement and Heyman stormed off, there is question as to whether Heyman’s appearance was a one shot deal.  It seems if the story will now be that Brock is owed money from WWE even though he quit, and Heyman may continue to represent him in the story.  It makes a lot of sense for Brock to just be the destroyer and let Heyman do the talking, but that remains to be seen.  One thing is for sure, no one sells Brock Lesnar like Paul Heyman.  From WWE to UFC and back to WWE, Heyman has always supported Lesnar and gets the point over that he is a huge star. 

It’s been almost 4 years since I questioned why Paul Heyman wasn’t running a wrestling company, but now four years later it is still apparent that Paul Heyman’s talents should be utilized in some form or fashion in the wrestling business.  Here is his promo from RAW:

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