New Stipulations Add Intrigue to John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit

John Laurinaitis wrestlerLast night on RAW, John Cena read a statement from the WWE Board of Directors that added stipulations to the John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis match at Over the Limit.  The intrigue level rises in this match with these stipulations and rules out some of the predictable directions the match could have gone.

First off, any Superstar that interferes in the match will be terminated.  This rules out any obvious run-ins such as Lord Tensai who has aided Laurinaitis in recent weeks.  The second stipulation states that if Laurinaitis loses to Cena, he will be terminated.  This second stipulation pretty much rules out Cena just destroying “Big Johnny” and defeating him with ease, which would be the crowd pleaser but would likely end the “People Power Era” too early.

With those stipulations in place, there are a few scenarios that have been opened up to finish the match:

Scenario A:  John Laurinaitis has a non-WWE wrestler ala Kevin Nash interfere on his behalf.  This would eliminate the problem of someone being fired, since the guy who interferes doesn’t work for WWE.  The most obvious choice of “guys who don’t work for WWE” would be Brock Lesnar.  Lesnar has been tied to Laurinaitis recently but I don’t see this happening since Lesnar is now immersed in a feud with Triple H.  Batista is another slight possibility since his return has been rumored recently.

Scenario B:  The Big Show returns and turns on Cena, revealing his firing was all a plot and he is really aligned with Laurinaitis.  This scenario would explain the whole Big Show crying after being fired debacle.  The more I think about it, this scenario would really explain Show’s overdone crying and wining on RAW and would save Big Show’s characters on many levels.  This could go 2 ways, either Show was aligned with Laurinaitis all along, or Show is forced to turn on Cena to get his job back (which would make him look like more of a wuss.) 

Scenario C:  John Cena defeats John Laurinaitis.  This scenario would be the “feel good moment” for fans, but ultimately would lead to Lauriniatis finding a loophole back in, possibly tied in with the Triple H lawsuit storyline.

With the stipulations added to this match, we are more likely to see a match instead of a bunch of run ins and interruptions.  Laurinaitis had a legit run in Japan against some of the top wrestlers in history as Johnny Ace, and is more than capable of having a match depending on his current physical shape.  For the most part this will likely be a beat down, but the finish will probably be a creative one that will continue the story in some fashion.

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