MMA’s “King Mo” Lawal Signs with TNA Wrestling

Interesting news from the world of TNA Wrestling today, as they have signed MMA Star Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal to their roster.  The announcement came as part of a deal that will see Lawal wrestle for TNA and also fight for Bellator Fighting Championships when it comes to Spike TV next year.  This is grabbing some publicity for TNA since Lawal is a name in the MMA world, so it could bring some much needed crossover appeal to TNA.

The negative side of the publicity TNA is getting is that Lawal is currently serving a suspension from MMA due to a positive drug test from a few months back.  Strikeforce let Lawal go following the suspension, but with his impressive 8-1 MMA record, there was definitely a chance Dana White would bring him back to UFC or Strikeforce one day.

On the flip side, King Mo has a background in amateur wrestling so is no doubt a perfect fit to be in a pro wrestling ring.  But the real question is, can TNA present him in a way that will make him a star?  With a lot of their booking being all over the place lately, it is highly questionable if they can do something positive with “King Mo.”

Overall I see the signing as a positive since TNA needs to freshen things up and bring in some fans that are craving some realism in wrestling again.  Those fans are getting their fix when Brock Lesnar is on TV, but TNA isn’t really delivering with guys like James Storm main eventing.  Nothing against Storm, but a self professed “redneck” type is only going to appeal to a certain demographic in certain areas.   King Mo Lawal can bring in a much more broad audience if he is used correctly.  Lawal debuts with TNA this summer, but will no doubt be on TNA Impact before then and will also be appearing on MMA Live tonight on Spike TV with Dixie Carter.

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