Chris Jericho Suspended Indefinitely from WWE

Chris Jericho SuspendedWWE Superstar Chris Jericho has been indefinitely suspended due to an “irresponsible act” at a live event in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 24th.  The irresponsible act referenced occurred when Jericho took a Brazilian flag that was held by CM Punk and proceeded to stomp on it.  The act of desecrating the flag is a punishable offense in Brazil and Jericho was nearly arrested by authorities.  The event was stopped and Jericho was given the option to apologize or be arrested.  Jericho immediately got on the mic and told the crowd he regretted his actions, and the show was allowed to continue.  Jericho was rushed to the airport after the event so he could go on to Ecuador, but WWE has now announced Jericho’s suspension.

Incidents like these used to be used to stir up controversy and could really get a heel over.  It reminds of the incident in 1997 when Vader was in the Middle East on a talk show and roughed up the host of the show.  Vader was held in the country for 10 days and WWE used the story to push Vader as an uncontrollable monster.  Sadly these days, WWE has to be politically correct and worry about stockholders and such, so suspensions have to be handed out to keep everyone happy.  It’s too bad because Jericho really could have used the incident to push how he has the real “pipe bombs” and no one can control him.

This will probably another Daniel Bryan situation, where Jericho will be suspended for a little while so things cool off and blow over before he makes his comeback.  Jericho has already apologized via his Twitter, which also makes me long for the days when guys could milk something like this and really make the fans believe.

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