TNA Star Jesse Sorensen Seriously Injured at Against All Odds

Last night in the opening match at TNA’s “Against All Odds” pay per view, Jesse Sorensen was seriously injured after taking a dive to the outside of the ring from Zema Ion.  Sorensen appeared to take Ion’s knees to his head and immediately fell limp.  At first the referee checked Sorensen and gave the “he’s OK” sign…..but after a few minutes of not moving, the referee checked again and gave the “X” sign that Sorensen was legitimately hurt and the match was cut short as TNA personnel rushed to the scene.

Dixie Carter tweeted soon after that Sorensen was being transported to the hospital for evaluation.  Throughout the night many TNA stars took to Twitter to ask fans to pray for Sorensen as the situation was serious.  Today the news is that last night Sorensen lost feeling in his extremities, but has regained feeling in his arms and hands, with only tingling in his legs.  This of course is a very serious situation any time any type of paralysis is involved. 

Sorensen is still a relative newcomer to TNA and to the wrestling business, so it makes it even worse to see something like this happen.  Here’s to hoping Sorensen has a speedy recovery and no long term damage after sustaining this very serious injury.  You can send your thoughts and prayers to Jesse directly via Twitter @TNASorensen

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