Elimination Chamber 2012 Results

The Elimination Chamber pay per view is over and the Road to Wrestlemania 28 is in full swing.  The Chamber PPV gave us a pretty clear view of what WrestleMania card will look like, as both major champions kept their belts and Sheamus made it clear which one he will challenge for.  Here are the results:

CM Punk won the RAW Elimination Chamber – They ran an angle during the match where Chris Jericho was knocked out of the Chamber and took a bad bump that took him out of the match (maybe in bad taste after the legit Jesse Sorensen injury at TNA last week?) Punk went on to defeat The Miz to win the match, but this will obviously lead to Jericho claiming he was never eliminated and challenging Punk for the title at WrestleMania.

Beth Phoenix defeated Tamina Snuka – Pretty predictable here.  Not a horrible match but Tamina is a bit sloppy.  Beth wins with the Glam Slam.  Hopefully we’re looking at Kharma returning and challenging Beth for the Divas title at Wrestlemania, as that seems like the only Divas title match that would have interest.

John Laurinaitis came out to make his case as to why he should run RAW and Smackdown.  This segment saw the return of Alberto Del Rio and Christian, as they joined Mark Henry to agree that Laurinatis should be running both brands.

Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown Elimination Chamber – Santino Marella actually lasted until the end, and the crowd was rumbling the arena in support of him. In the end Bryan caught Marella in the Lebell Lock for the submission win.  After the match, Sheamus beat down Bryan, making it clear that Sheamus has chosen to face Bryan at Wrestlemania 28.

Jack Swagger defeated Justin Gabriel –  This match was literally set up in seconds, obviously to kill some time.  Backstage Hornswoggle was eating cheese, ended up pissing off Vickie Guerrero, Gabriel backs up Swoggle, and a match is made.  Typical match, pretty pointless.

John Cena defeated Kane in an Ambulance Match – This match was a good brawl.  The finish saw Cena give Kane an Attitude Adjustment off the ambulance which looked good visually.  Cena puts Kane in the Ambulance after for the win.  The ending was flat considering the hot angle from Monday involving Eve and Ryder, so it looks like they are holding off on the next big step in the story until RAW tomorrow night.

Overall, not a horrible show, but did feel just like another step towards WrestleMania.  Judging from tonight’s results we will be seeing Cena vs. Rock, Triple H vs. Undertaker, Sheamus vs. Bryan, and Jericho vs. Punk as the top matches for Wrestlemania 28 in 6 weeks.

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