Friday, October 28, 2011

Maryse Released by WWE

Some very surprising news to report today, as Maryse Ouellet was released by WWE.  The move is quite a surprise because Maryse was always said to be a favorite of Vince McMahon (and who can argue) since she is obviously hot, but also unique and has great charisma.  Maryse had also reportedly been dating The Miz for a while now, which also makes this release surprising since The Miz is still receiving a sizable push in WWE.  Prior to her release, Maryse has been sidelined with an abdominal hernia that required surgery, but was said to be close to being able to return.

Maryse signed debuted in WWE in 2006 after competing in the Diva Search competition.  She was molded into a great character over time and eventually became decent in the ring as well.  Prior to her time in WWE, Maryse posed for Playboy and won Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003.

Maryse had a presence unlike any other WWE Diva, and eventually had a great run as Divas Champion.  She would be a huge pick up for TNA if she is interested in going there, and I'm sure they're already looking into it.  Maryse didn't seem to broken up about her release, as she wrote on her Twitter:

"I'M OUT and sexier than ever! Thanks to all my fans, colleagues and @WWE Universe. Time to party! "Release" party tonight at @trousdale LA"

"Im Happy, im Smiling, and FREE, now its time to get Naughty ............BE SEXY"
So it seems like Maryse might be happy to be free from WWE and their TV-PG ways. Maybe (hopefully) we'll see her return to doing some Playboy or other type modeling, or maybe in TNA where things are a little more free. Maryse will definitely be popping up somewhere since she has star power that will bring her success wherever she goes.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Video: The Scott Hall Story on ESPN E: 60

One of the most talked about topics in the wrestling world this week was the piece done by ESPN on Scott Hall.  "The Scott Hall Story" aired on ESPN's E: 60 this week, and showed just how bad Scott Hall's life has deteriorated.  While the piece has almost universally been said to have done a great job, it is quite depressing and reveals some things that many of us hadn't heard about Hall's early life and what lead to his current state.

This type of mainstream piece on a current wrestler who is having major troubles as opposed to a wrestler that has passed away makes the show quite unique.  It's become apparent that everyone from Hall's closest friends (such as Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman) to Hall's own family have tried to help him.  WWE has even paid for multiple stints in rehab for Hall, but there just doesn't seem to be anything else anyone can do.  It's amazing to think that around a year and a half ago, Hall was in TNA and looked to be in shape and ready for one more run.  Now he looks like an old man that can hardly get around.  We also learn in the story that Hall's son Cody (who looks to be at least 6"7) is trying to follow his father's footsteps into the wrestling business, but the relationship still can't be held together due to Hall's substance abuse.

Check out the full Scott Hall story from ESPN below:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Huge TNA Spoilers: New Heavyweight Champion Crowned

**Warning, spoilers for this Thursdays Impact ahead, don't read if you want to be surprised**

Coming off TNA's biggest pay per view of the year, Bound for Glory, there have been many reports about the locker room being unhappy that Bobby Roode didn't beat Kurt Angle for the TNA Title.  Hulk Hogan has been very vocal recently in the media on his Twitter page recently about many of the TNA talents.  He stated last week that he didn't think Bobby Roode was "the guy," and word was that Hogan himself lobbied to change the original finish in the Bound for Glory main event which had Roode winning the belt.

Hogan had also mentioned last week that he believed James Storm should get a big push over Roode, and tonight at the Impact tapings that belief became apparent to all as James Storm defeated Kurt Angle and won the TNA World Title.  This was a pretty big swerve, as many believe Roode would still end up winning the title soon.  Storm is more of a character than Roode, and it seems like Hogan saw much more in him since Storm is now the reigning TNA Champion.  It should be interesting now to see where this story goes, since a Roode heel turn and feud with Storm seems like a natural direction, but it's hard to tell where they will go at this point.

In another spoiler from the Impact tapings, Gail Kim returned to TNA and looks to have returned as a heel alongside Karen Jarrett judging by the couple of pics we've seen.  Gail was a huge part of building the Knockout Division, and her classic matches with Awesome Kong (Kharma) set the tone for the success of the Knockouts.  Gail's return is a major boost to the Knockout division, and many more potential great Knockout matches will no doubt be on the way with Gail in the mix.

Check out Impact this Thursday on Spike and see all of these major developments unfold!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tyson Tomko Arrested for Robbery

On the heels of the Matt Hardy rehab story, more bad news to report for another former WWE and TNA Star.  Tyson Tomko was arrested in Florida yesterday for stealing several bottles of oxycodone from a CVS Pharmacy, and allegedly threatening a pharmacist to get the drug.  Next Tomko went to a local Chili's and used their bathroom to shoot up the drugs after melting them down.  TMZ reports that cops busted Tomko in the process, and he admitted to stealing the drugs but said he didn't threaten the pharmacist.  He also apparently told cops that he had a major drug problem.

So now Tomko sits behind bars with a $7,500 bond.  It's sad that these guys admit to having such problems, but don't take advantage of the WWE sponsored rehab that is readily available to any former Superstar.  Hopefully Tomko can get a grasp on things before things spiral even further out of control.

Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE in "WWE 12" Video Game

A couple of months ago we revealed the roster for the "WWE 12" video game, and it was awesome to see that THQ stacked the roster this year with legends like The Legion of Doom, Demolition, Vader, Arn Anderson, and many more.  With The Rock on the cover of the game and playing a huge role in the push for the game, it's been apparent that THQ is going all out to make WWE 12 the biggest WWE game in years.

With all the hype and stacked roster, there has also been rumor of a "mystery superstar" that would make a huge impact on the game.  Now today we can confirm that Brock Lesnar will be featured in the WWE 12 game.  The story of Brock being featured in the game leaked over the past few days, with UFC owner Dana White even voicing his approval of Brock being in the game.  Brock was on the cover of the classic "Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain" video game that was regarded as one of the best in the series, and this is Brock's first appearance in a WWE game in years.  There is even a Brock Lesnar trailer for WWE 12 to announce his return, which was said to be shot in the past few days by Paul Heyman himself. 

As if WWE 12 didn't sound awesome enough, this huge announcement should put the game over the top as far as hype goes.  Everyone that has watched Brock Lesnar in UFC and wondered how cool it would be to see Brock come back to WWE and kick ass will now get the chance to make it happen.  Brock has his current look in the game with his chest tattoo, but is sporting his classic WWE tights and gear.  Be sure and pre-order WWE 12 now and lock in your copy of the game as it will be available on November 22.  Here Comes the Pain indeed:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Video: Rare Bruiser Brody Shoot Interview

Today I felt the need to share this piece of history here after viewing it.  It may not be what we've become accustomed to when it comes to a "shoot interview," but it is the closest thing we are ever going to get from the legendary Bruiser Brody.  This interview was done sometime in the mid 80's (there has been question on the exact date, while the video states 1983, he seems to talk about some things that happened a bit later) and was done in St. Louis.  In the interview, Bruiser Brody is out of character, and gives his views on the wrestling business as a whole at the time.  This is super rare being that Brody talks about a few things that he later mentions to the interviewer "people shouldn't know," such as his real name.

It is so rare to find footage like this, especially from a guy like Brody who wasn't exactly the "sit down and give a nice interview" type.  He talks about how he produced World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas and booked the talent there, two piece of information that weren't exactly freely talked about in that era.  He also talks about how he felt he had 10 good years left in the business, and talks about going to small towns across the country instead of just the big arenas and working for "McMahon."

Sadly, Bruiser Brody was murdered in 1988 in Puerto Rico.  He has left a legacy as being one of the most unique characters in pro wrestling history.  His mention of "having another good 10 years in wrestling" only makes us question even more what the ECW era would have been like if Brody was still around.  Check out this awesome one of a kind interview with the one and only Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bruce Prichard Named New Head Writer for TNA

It looks like we aren't the only ones who realize that TNA has become boring, repetitive, and directionless over the past few months.  Some would say it's always been that way, but these past few months have gotten really bad with all the guys flip flopping between heel and face and the stories being almost impossible to follow. 

Last month there was word that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff's deals were up and they were done with the company.  Then in the past week it came out that Hogan has signed a new deal and will be sticking around, and now today it was no surprise to hear that Bischoff also renewed his deal.  So with those guys staying, it didn't seem like there would be much of a change from what we've seen recently.  Yes they've branded "Impact" for the TV show, they've gave things a fresh look and brought in a few good new talents, but it's the writing that seems to be suffering horribly.

Of course behind all the Bischoff and Hogan presence, it's been Vince Russo who has been the head writer for TNA the past few years.  Russo has been around off and on since the beginning of TNA, but since his work in the Attitude Era, I can't think of anything great Russo has done.  It seems someone has finally realized that Russo has been stagnant for a long time, and a change was in order.  Earlier today it was annnounced that Bruce Prichard has been named TNA's new head writer.

Just a couple of months ago Bruce Prichard was brought in to replace Terry Taylor's spot behind the scenes in TNA.  Prichard was also instrumental in WWE's Attitude Era and was one Vince McMahon's right hand men for years.  Of course if the name doesn't ring a bell, our pic in this post serves as a reminder that Bruce Prichard was most well known as "Brother Love" in WWE. 

Now the big question is, will Bruce Prichard make a difference?  Over a year ago when there was word that Paul Heyman was negotiating with TNA, it seemed like change might happen and the next red hot wrestling promotion would be TNA.  I'm not sure what direction Prichard will take things, but hopefully he will be bold enough to get some real change going and step away from the Russo style that has become unwatchable.  Heyman would be my number one choice, but here's to hoping Prichard can at least make some sort of difference.