Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stone Cold Steve Austin Sings and Dances!!!

After seeing all those Austin 3:16 skulls, who knew that WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin had a funny bone???

Check out the Texas Rattlesnake shake it up to an 80′s classic. Let the piss start rolling down your leg….NOW!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scott Hall hospitalized

Scott Hall has reportedly sought help over personal issues. Over the weekend, the wrestler known in the ring as Razor Ramon was working a Top Rope Wrestling show in Massachusetts. While the details on what exactly happened are not clear, it is believed that Hall, who has battled alcoholism and drug addiction, fell off the wagon. Rumors of an overdose proved to be false. He reportedly showed up "not ready to perform," and he was carried out to the ring.

Tuesday, Hall tweeted a message that sounds much more like a publicist's statement. "At the hospital in New England! Doing good. Thanks for all your well wishes and support..."

Friend Shawn Michaels took to his own social networking site on Sunday, posting that Hall was going through a "private matter" and "he is getting help." Michaels also went on to add: "All of us want the best 4him." Another friend and Kliq member Kevin Nash stated on his Twitter account that he will have an active role in Hall's recovery. Hall's message read: "I'll be at the airport when he lands and taking him to my home when he lands."

Nash also went on to defend Hall, in typical Diesel fashion: "To the motherf----- that made a joke who would want his kidney lol send me your address and let's see how funny it is. He's my brother and we'll get through this."

Here is hoping Hall will have a rested stay where ever he is and is able to overcome his demons.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Edge Retires from WWE

In one of the most shocking wrestling stories in a long time, Edge announced his retirement last night on Monday Night Raw.  We had absolutely no warning or rumors about this, but Edge is indeed retiring due to spinal injuries that would worsen with further damage taken in the ring.

Edge had spinal fusion surgery in 2003 and now some of the same symptoms he had back then are returning such as the numbness in his arms he mentioned on RAW.  Edge was reportedly given a mic and allowed to go out and talk about whatever he wanted, which was a great gesture by WWE.  Edge recalled his many title reigns and classic characters he portrayed during his WWE career.  He also noted that while he isn't ending things on his terms, he IS getting to retire as World Champion and had a great career that he never would have expected.  After his in ring promo, they aired footage of him receiving an ovation backstage and embracing many of those he was closest with in WWE over the years.

It really is amazing that in this day and age of wrestling that none of this leaked, but it does appear as if Edge's condition was very recently discovered after getting an MRI.   I found all of this hard to believe as I watched RAW; I felt like Alberto Del Rio's music would hit at any minute and a big angle would go down, but sadly it did not, and Edge's retirement is not a storyline and is 100% legit.

With Edge retiring as World Champion, it looks like WWE will have him surrender the title at this week's Smackdown.  There will no doubt be an announcement at Smackdown as to how the World Title situation will be handled.

Edge will be remembered as a star that came from the Attitude Era and excelled beyond anyone's expectations.  His legendary ladder matches alongside Christian against the Hardy Boys will never be forgotten, and his road to becoming the "Rated R Superstar" was some of his best work ever.  Edge's retirement falls into the "much too soon" category, but no one can argue that it is the right thing to do if it means Adam Copeland not living the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  Thank you Edge.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Rock vs. John Cena Set to Main Event WrestleMania 28

If you missed Monday Night RAW last night, yes you are reading this headline correctly.  For the first time ever, the main event for WrestleMania has been booked and announced a year in advance.  At the conclusion of WrestleMania 27, there was definitely a feeling that things between The Rock and Cena were far from over, but now it is confirmed that John Cena vs. The Rock will officially be the main event of WrestleMania 28.

Now the question must be asked, is The Rock now gone from WWE until the 2012 Road to WrestleMania begins?  If so, it looks like Cena will go back to feuding with The Miz for the WWE Title for the time being.  Leading into WrestleMania, a Rock/Cena match was even rumored for Summerslam (which would've made a lot of sense time-wise) but it looks like they are going with the year-long buildup approach.  It will be interesting to see how the build goes over the course of the year, and they better hope no injuries occur  before then.

WrestleMania 28 will be in The Rock's hometown of Miami, which should make for an electric atmosphere crowd wise.  There is even talk of Triple H vs. The Undertaker 3 going down at this event, which would make this card even more unique.  Never before has such an advance card been announced, but it will be highly interesting to see if the concept actually works.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Why John Morrison Deserves a Push

Sorry to have stayed so dormant the past month, but I'm back with a new perspective. After watching the latest Road to Wrestlemania pay-per-views and subsequent television periods afterward, there is one conclusion that I have come to: John Morrison is damn good. Case and point: his acrobatic non-fall at the Royal Rumble.The way he balance-beamed the stage before leaping back into the ring was nothing short of phenomenonal. And then, one month later, the Shaman of Sexy outdoes himself again when he climbs the Elimination Chamber walls to the top of the contraption a la Spider-Man and drops on top of an unsuspecting Sheamus. Unbelievable on both fronts. I was even more convinced that Morrison was going to be a star. And then comes Wrestlemania.

Imagine my disappointment to find that the wrestler formerly known as Johnny Nitro would be in mixed tag team action with Snooki from "Jersey Shore." At least Trish Stratus was on there too so I kept an open mind only to be even more disappointed. I was watching the event and saw how little the Guru of Greatness contributed to his team's win. Sure, it is nice to see the WWE get back to using celebrities to help prop up Wrestlemania but I hope that Morrison is a talent that does not get squandered. So here is my open plea to WWE Creative. Work Morrison into main event status over the next year. He has the look, the ability and, with some time and development, he could have the character to take the industry to a whole new level.

WrestleMania 27 Results

WrestleMania 27 has come and gone, and while there has been a mixed reaction to the show, I thought it was probably the best Mania in a few years.  Here are the results along with a my take on the matches:

*Note* Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus was bumped off the main card and was instead a dark match featuring lumberjacks.  The lumberjacks got involved in the match so Teddy Long made it a battle royal, which was won by The Great Khali.

The Rock came out and cut a promo to kick off the show, pretty much the usual Rock promo to get the fans ready.

Edge defeated Alberto Del Rio - Surprising opener here, but a great back and forth match that saw Edge win via spear.  Was hoping to see Del Rio take the belt, but I still feel he will in the near future. 

Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio - Really enjoyed this match, Cody's new "dark" character is great, and he needed this win.

Big Show, Santino Marella, Kane, and Kofi Kingston defeated the Corre - throwaway match as expected, The Corre was squashed and the whole thing was pointless.

Randy Orton defeated CM Punk - Decent enough match here, Punk is really on lately.  Punk springboards in but is caught in the RKO for a great looking finish.

Michael Cole defeated Jerry Lawler via reverse decision - The in ring action here was OK for what it was, basically a build for the crowd to see Cole get beat up.  Austin stuns Swagger, pushes Cole into Lawler, Lawler decides to win the match with the ankle lock.  The anonymous RAW GM steps in and reverses the decision due to Austin's interference.  This story definitely isn't over.

The Undertaker defeated Triple H -  I mentioned in my WrestleMania 27 preview that this match would have a big time feel, and it did.  I wasn't overly hyped about it going in, but as the match went on, it became a classic.  Many near falls, great drama, and Triple H hitting the tombstone on The Undertaker got me for a second, i thought the streak was ending.  After locking in the "Hell's Gate" submission, The Undertake is now 19-0.  The Undertaker was stretchered out after this, selling the point that Triple H had done more damage than anyone else along the streak.  This was THE match of the night in my opinion.

John Morrison, Trish Stratus, and Snooki defeated LayCool and Dolph Ziggler - This was short, but Snooki pretty much shocked everyone in the little she did.  She executed a back flip handspring elbow that had to be seen, and got the pin on Michelle McCool.  This will be all over the media, so this match achieved exactly what it needed to.

The Miz defeated John Cena - The crowd really wasn't overly into this, only because they hated both Cena and The Miz.  The 2 were counted out, which of course lead to The Rock coming out and restarting the match.  As they got back in the ring, The Rock ended up hitting the Rock Bottom on Cena, and Miz scored the pin.  The Rock came back to the ring and laid out Miz to end the show.  DEFINITELY more to come here, probably matches that will see The Rock vs. The Miz and The Rock vs. Cena possibly at Summerslam.

Overall I enjoyed the show, and they threw many extras in throughout the night such as the Rock and Stone Cold face off backstage which was awesome to see.  I think RAW will be a good one, and will give us an idea of the new direction things will take post-WrestleMania.