Tyson Tomko Arrested for Robbery

On the heels of the Matt Hardy rehab story, more bad news to report for another former WWE and TNA Star.  Tyson Tomko was arrested in Florida yesterday for stealing several bottles of oxycodone from a CVS Pharmacy, and allegedly threatening a pharmacist to get the drug.  Next Tomko went to a local Chili’s and used their bathroom to shoot up the drugs after melting them down.  TMZ reports that cops busted Tomko in the process, and he admitted to stealing the drugs but said he didn’t threaten the pharmacist.  He also apparently told cops that he had a major drug problem.

So now Tomko sits behind bars with a $7,500 bond.  It’s sad that these guys admit to having such problems, but don’t take advantage of the WWE sponsored rehab that is readily available to any former Superstar.  Hopefully Tomko can get a grasp on things before things spiral even further out of control.

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