Huge TNA Spoilers: New Heavyweight Champion Crowned

**Warning, spoilers for this Thursdays Impact ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

Coming off TNA’s biggest pay per view of the year, Bound for Glory, there have been many reports about the locker room being unhappy that Bobby Roode didn’t beat Kurt Angle for the TNA Title.  Hulk Hogan has been very vocal recently in the media on his Twitter page recently about many of the TNA talents.  He stated last week that he didn’t think Bobby Roode was “the guy,” and word was that Hogan himself lobbied to change the original finish in the Bound for Glory main event which had Roode winning the belt.

Hogan had also mentioned last week that he believed James Storm should get a big push over Roode, and tonight at the Impact tapings that belief became apparent to all as James Storm defeated Kurt Angle and won the TNA World Title.  This was a pretty big swerve, as many believe Roode would still end up winning the title soon.  Storm is more of a character than Roode, and it seems like Hogan saw much more in him since Storm is now the reigning TNA Champion.  It should be interesting now to see where this story goes, since a Roode heel turn and feud with Storm seems like a natural direction, but it’s hard to tell where they will go at this point.

In another spoiler from the Impact tapings, Gail Kim returned to TNA and looks to have returned as a heel alongside Karen Jarrett judging by the couple of pics we’ve seen.  Gail was a huge part of building the Knockout Division, and her classic matches with Awesome Kong (Kharma) set the tone for the success of the Knockouts.  Gail’s return is a major boost to the Knockout division, and many more potential great Knockout matches will no doubt be on the way with Gail in the mix.

Check out Impact this Thursday on Spike and see all of these major developments unfold!

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