Matt Hardy Set to Enter Rehab

Well it looks like the ongoing saga of Matt Hardy’s “problems” may have a CHANCE at a good ending at least.  Over the past few weeks Hardy has been arrested multiple times, been in car accidents, and posted more “out there” videos on his Youtube channel than ever.  Many thought at first he was looking for publicity or creating a new gimmick, but now it’s become apparent that he has a very real problem.

Matt was always the “good” Hardy that was responsible and didn’t have all the “demons” his brother Jeff did.  Things changed a bit when Matt was released from WWE after apparently showing up “in no condition to perform” more than once.  When he signed with TNA, it looked like he might have been on the path to being a major player again.  Then his TNA run came to an abrupt end as he was released after one of his many DUI arrests. 

Things have gotten even worse since, with Hardy posting videos online that made people think he might be suicidal.  Following that video he posted another apologizing and claiming he was getting himself straight, but then more and more accidents and DUI’s were being reported every few days it seemed like.  The latest news was that cops searched his house and found steroids, ecstasy, and drug paraphernalia in his house.

Finally after posting a video a few days ago of himself in the hospital, where he seemed to still be “on something,” Hardy has come clean and is entering into WWE sponsored rehab.  It looks like Hardy has realized he has a problem with “medicating himself” to get by in the business, and is making the right choice.  Kudos to WWE for still offering this program for Superstars who need it, and hopefully Hardy can take advantage and get off the death watch he was seemingly on.  It’s pretty crazy to think back to 10 years ago or so when veterans were saying the guys who were doing crazy TLC matches and such would be in wheelchairs by 40, and now we’re looking at both Hardy’s having very rough substance abuse problems, and Edge having to retire from the business completely. 

Here is Hardy making his big rehab announcement himself:

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