Sin Cara Suspended by WWE

Last night at the Money in the Bank pay per view, Sin Cara was removed from the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match due to an “injury” during the match.  It has now been confirmed by that Sin Cara has been suspended for 30 days due to his first wellness violation.

This comes as somewhat of a surprise, for one since there haven’t been many of these types of suspensions lately as there were a few years ago, and also because Sin Cara has been said to be Triple H’s “pet project” of sorts.  The suspension has apparently been known about for a good while now, and is said to be steroid related. 

It’s pretty humorous that has the injury story headline listed directly above the shoot reason (the suspension) on their site.  Since Cara’s debut has been less than stellar and he’s hit a few bumps in the road, so there is now question as to whether Sin Cara will return at all following this suspension.

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