Thoughts on RAW

It has been quite some time since I have posted (Finishing out my degree consumed my time) but after last nights RAW, I felt now was as good a time as ever to get back into writing.

For an overall show, it was above average. The cage match, tornado match and tables match all were well designed and had adequate finishes to them. The reason it is above average and not an average show is because of what transpired after the tables match between John Cena and Jimmy hater R-Truth.

I for one loved the finish. CM Punk distracting Cena who gets speared into a table. Nothing makes this humble fan happier than to see Super Cena actually get beat by someone. Despite my joy of that moment, what happened next made my joy turn into complete ecstatic glee.

CM Punk begins to go on a well thought out work/shoot. He absolutely SLAMS the likes of John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and most importantly Vince McMahon. I won’t go into explicit details, but the fact of the matter is we haven’t seen a work/shoot like this since Paul Heyman did it to Vince McMahon during the invasion angle. Speaking of Paul Heyman, CM Punk made references to people on television last night that, as Punk said it, was “Breaking the fourth wall”. Colt Cabana was also given a shout out: LOVED IT. .The segment ends with CM Punk’s microphone being cut off.

Throughout this rant Punk goes on, every word he uttered was not lacking in truth. He is without a doubt the BEST pro wrestler WWE has from an All-Around standpoint. The guy is as good in the ring as anyone today, his microphone skills surpass EVERY WWE superstar. Yet for nearly a year now, CM Punk is given the job; Leader of Nexus, a pathetic stable. Have we ever seen tag champions who NO ONE CARES ABOUT? CM Punk is underused, unappreciated and quite frankly, is being disrespected. Why is that? Marketability. The reason the likes of John Cena is continuously given the nod is because how well he markets to the fans. There is no merit apparently in having better mic/in-ring skills than Cena. Cena draws the most cash. This leaves a thought to wonder on: What if Punk was given the same push, market team and kissed enough ass?

It was absolutely invigorating to see something of this nature from WWE. Whether it was truly a shoot, or most likely a work, it was something truly different than the normal product WWE has been putting out. One fact remains constant; IF CM PUNK IS ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE COMPANY WWE WILL REGRET THAT DECISION FOR YEARS TO COME.

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