Robocop Returns to Pro Wrestling

Last year we posted about Elite Xtreme Wrestling in Phoenix, Arizona making some innovative moves by streaming their shows live on the Internet.  Now EXW is making headlines again after reviving an idea WCW tried in 1990 – bringing Robocop into the pro wrestling world.

In 1990, Sting had just been kicked out of the four horsemen and then went on to blow out his knee the very same night.  Sting was set to make his on screen return at the WCW Capital Combat PPV, and was in definite need of some backup.  No one saw it coming when it was announced that the one and only Robocop would be backing Sting up, seemingly read to kick the Horsemen’s ass.  What followed was an angle that has been brought up ever since, because it was so flat and involved no action.  Sting got locked in a cage by the Horsemen, Robocop appears, he takes the door off the cage and Sting is free.  Yep, all the hype, all the anticipation, then Robocop takes a door off it’s hinges, and leaves.  Check out the video:

Robocop Comes to WCW by TSteck160

Well the infamous WCW angle has been considered “wrestlecrap” for years now, but EXW brought Robocop out of his 21 year wrestling retirement as he appeared at their most recent show.  Apparently EXW wrestler “Johnny Manson” has been coming out in recent weeks as different wrestling personas, this week he came out in Bret Hart gear.  Robocop had apparently seen enough, and took him into custody for the crime of identity theft.  It all happened pretty fast, but it looks like Robocop at least got to interact with a wrestler this time unlike the WCW fiasco. Check out the video:

Elite Xteme Wrestling has their big “Xtreme Measures” show this Sunday in Phoenix that will feature Tough Enough’s Bill DeMott, Tommy Dreamer, Val Venis, and Johnny “The Bull” Stambolli… word if Robocop will be back to fight more pro wrestling crimes.  Tickets on sale at

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