Why John Morrison Deserves a Push

Sorry to have stayed so dormant the past month, but I’m back with a new perspective. After watching the latest Road to Wrestlemania pay-per-views and subsequent television periods afterward, there is one conclusion that I have come to: John Morrison is damn good. Case and point: his acrobatic non-fall at the Royal Rumble.The way he balance-beamed the stage before leaping back into the ring was nothing short of phenomenonal. And then, one month later, the Shaman of Sexy outdoes himself again when he climbs the Elimination Chamber walls to the top of the contraption a la Spider-Man and drops on top of an unsuspecting Sheamus. Unbelievable on both fronts. I was even more convinced that Morrison was going to be a star. And then comes Wrestlemania.

Imagine my disappointment to find that the wrestler formerly known as Johnny Nitro would be in mixed tag team action with Snooki from “Jersey Shore.” At least Trish Stratus was on there too so I kept an open mind only to be even more disappointed. I was watching the event and saw how little the Guru of Greatness contributed to his team’s win. Sure, it is nice to see the WWE get back to using celebrities to help prop up Wrestlemania but I hope that Morrison is a talent that does not get squandered. So here is my open plea to WWE Creative. Work Morrison into main event status over the next year. He has the look, the ability and, with some time and development, he could have the character to take the industry to a whole new level.

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