Sunday, February 13, 2011

When Will Triple H Return?

The ring has not been the same since The Game has been sidelined. With the Undertaker's return date looming, it is only fair to wonder when Triple H will make his triumphant return. Some whispers had Triple H coming back at the Royal Rumble but the pay-per-view came and went and No Game.

At an appearance in Indianapolis this weekend, friend and retired wrestler Shawn Michaels said he knew when Triple H was coming back to the WWE but assured that "It would be before Wrestlemania." Some sites confirmed Shawn's story, dating the Game's return as far away as the Monday Night Raw broadcast before Wrestlemania.

It is a given that the wrestler formerly known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley will be welcomed back into the WWE crowd's open arms as a face. The Wrestling Observer pits Triple H and the Undertaker together but I am not sure that will fly. A grudge match against Sheamus, who reportedly caused the injury that took him out of commission could be much more Wrestlemania worthy. The Game in a Grudge match on the Biggest Stage of All? Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

*Additional reporting for this post provided by Michael C. Wright


  1. I think Undertake vs. Triple H will only work if the rumor is true that it will be "Streak vs. Career." But is H ready to hang it up? Just seems too soon, but there is no way the streak will be ended by H either.

  2. Did u see Shawn at his appearance? Did u take a pic with him?!

  3. Yes. We got up on stage with him, shook hands and everyone walked away with an autograph. I am pleased to say that Shawn is as nice as he seems on TV. I highly recommend going to one of the World Of Wheels appearances if one is near you. The next one is in Dallas this weekend. The website is