Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fan Fantasy Matches: Round One

Blogger's note: The following entry is a new thing we are wanting to try here at PWRoundup. The Frozen One is a young fan (14) but has been watching wrestling since he was at least one year old. Here, he ices up his take on dream matches among the various wrestling promotions. Check out his cool predictions every Thursday. -Leah
So for my blog this week I wanted to get everyone's imagination running. So I thought of some matches we may never get the good fortune to see. The first one is...

John Morrison .vs. Rob Van Dam. The way I see this match turning out is RVD using his experience and quick feet to out maneuver John. He would then finish the match off by landing a signature Five Star Frog Splash to the middle of the ring. I believe that it would be a epic match the fans would go crazy for.

My second match idea is Abyss .vs. Kane. I think it would be an impressive win for Kane. Kane would use his signature sit up, much to the surprise of Abyss. The Big Red Machine would then release a flurry of attacks before choke slamming him. The final nail in the coffin? Kane delivering a tombstone pile driver to end the match.
Until next time,

The Frozen One


  1. You sure a kid should be on this site? Seen a lot of posts here that are geared toward adults (which I like) but.....just sayin'

  2. Sure, the Internet as a whole can be rated R but, trust me, the son is well monitored on the web.

  3. This kid personally interviewed HBK at an autograph signing last week! I say keep writing, bud! Can't wait until your post next week!

  4. wow that was good for a 14 year old he should wonder about a profession in journalism one day