Who will topple Immortal?

In the past few months, since their formation at last October’s “Bound for Glory” PPV, Immortal has dominated TNA both in and out of the ring. Despite Mr Anderson’s unexpected world title triumph over “The Anti-Christ” Jeff Hardy at this month’s “Genesis” PPV, the huge heel stable holds the TV, Tag Team and X Division belts.

With most of TNA’s gold around the waists of Immortal and with Bischoff stacking the odds against Mr Anderson, in order to ensure a speedy transition of the World Title back to Jeff Hardy, who will rise up and topple the despotic supergroup?

The first option I would instigate to garner fan interest would be to have cracks emerge between Hogan’s boys (Bischoff, the Hardy Brothers, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss) and Flair’s Fortune (AJ Styles, Kaz, Beer Money). With Fortune now holding all of Immortal’s gold and with Styles clearly begging for a chance to be the “top dog” in the company once more, a division would be easy to accomplish storyline wise and could be further fuelled by Flair and Hogan’s long standing bad blood. This option would accomplish many things in TNA: elevating Fortune to be THE dominant group in the company; prove the younger guys have the edge on the relative veterans of Immortal; and a great way to remove Hogan/Bischoff from the company (at least from an on-screen role).

The second option I could see TNA more likely to go with would be the return of another powerful group: Main Event Mafia. With the brilliant storyline that is straying between real life/fiction between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett, TNA seems to be edging towards a full blown war between Angle and Jarrett’s “security blanket” Immortal. As Kurt is heavily outgunned at the moment, it would make sense for him to call on people he trusts to have his back and assist in the destruction of Jarrett/Immortal. Who better to fit this criteria than Scott Steiner, Sting, Booker T, Kevin Nash (?) and maybe even Samoa Joe? With this option TNA does run the risk of undermining the abilities of its younger stars like Styles, Matt Morgan and the MCMG, but the stable battle would be extremely entertaining and could open the door for Samoa Joe to return to the main event scene and even for Fortune to assist in Immortal’s downfall, maybe at this year’s “Lockdown”.

One thing about the Immortal formation however, is that TNA has given itself a plethora of story strands it could choose and a mulitude of “dream” matches/mic showdowns that could occur (Steiner/Flair “shoot” promo anyone?!).

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