Val Venis Shoots on the Hardy’s and More

For those who are unaware, former WWE star Val Venis has been on a crusade as of late to tear apart and trash Matt Hardy and virtually everyone he is associated with, including his brother Jeff.  Val has been voicing his opinions on his Twitter page on Matt’s talent, his background, the way he presents himself online, and everything else about the Hardy’s careers. 

Now Val has taken things a step further, as he posted the following video tonight, where he once again trashes the Hardys, and even head Smackdown writer Michael Hayes who was influential in the early WWE careers of the Hardys.  Val has also trashed the Hardy’s “OMEGA” promotion that they ran in their years prior to WWE, and has been rumored to possibly start again in the future.  Val has endorsed the promotion “Elite Xtreme Wrestling” that he works for in Arizona, claiming it features real pro wrestling unlike OMEGA’s “trampoline backyard wrestling.” 

Matt Hardy has yet to comment directly about this situation, claiming he won’t respond to negativity, but Venis has been in a war with Hardy fans for over a week now, and things are sure to heat up once this video makes the rounds across the net:

For Val Venis fans in Arizona, he will be appearing at the big EXW “Bad Intentions” show taking place this weekend in Prescott, Arizona.  Venis will be challenging for the promotions heavyweight title.  Also on the card are former WWE star and Tough Enough Trainer Bill Demott, and former TNA star “Rellik.”   More information on the official Elite Xtreme Wrestling website.


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