Matt Hardy Debuts, Mr. Anderson Wins Gold at TNA Genesis

TNA Genesis felt like a bit of a reboot/fresh start for the company as every title changed hands and the much anticipated debut of Matt Hardy took place.   I personally was surprised that Hardy debuted with such little fanfare, as there wasn’t a huge amount of buildup for RVD’s mystery opponent.  I knew Hardy might be an option but I figured he would come in with a lot more hype,and a lot more intrigue surrounding if Matt would side with or against his brother Jeff.  As it stands now, Matt (with a new dread locked look) defeated RVD and will side with Jeff for now in Immortal. 

The other big occurrence was the impromptu match between Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title.  Anderson defeated Matt Morgan to become the number 1 contender, but Eric Bischoff came out following the match to tell Anderson that his match would take place right then.  Jeff Hardy came out in street clothes and smoking a cigarette (to no doubt once again put across to fans how bad of a heel he really is) and made it look like he was in for an easy win.  Anderson kept kicking out and coming back, and eventually scored the pinfall with the “Mic Check” after multiple run ins from Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Matt Hardy, RVD, Bischoff, etc. and is the new TNA Champion.

TNA starts 2011 with all new champions in Beer Money as the new tag team champs defeating the Motor City Machine Guns, Abyss (who replaced AJ Styles due to injury) winning the TV Title over Doug Williams, and Kazarian as X-Division Champ over Jay Lethal.

Now the questions begin as to where they go now.  Will Hogan be back in the picture soon?  Immortal seems to lose some steam without Hogan as their main leader.  Will Matt Hardy spark some interest?  And can Mr. Anderson do the job as the top face and champion for the company?  We will begin to see some answers as TNA tapes Impact tomorrow in Orlando which will begin airing this Thursday on Spike TV.

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