Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Best Submissions

Now since it made some people uppity I won't be using numbers this time. I got bored so figured I'd make another list (and no recapping NXT isn't very appealing).

The Camel Clutch, Iron Sheik-It was the move that launched Hulk Hogan into fame and the Iron Sheik into being one of the best heels ever. Hogan being the first to break out of the Sheik's hold which no one had ever done proved him to be the American hero.

Hell's Gate(Gogoplata), Undertaker-When Undertaker broke out this move like many others I didn't think it fit his character. However I've grown to love it.

Honorable Mention: Triangle Choke, Undertaker

Figure Four Leg Lock, Ric Flair-Probaly the most famous submission hold in America. Ric Flair has been using it throughout his entire wrestling career. It's claimed numerous victims.

Honorable Mention: Inverted Figure Four, Shawn Michaels and Indian Deathlock, Triple H (as his old gimmick)

Ankle Lock, Kurt Angle-The Ankle(sometimes Angle) Lock completely twists the ankle of the opponent. Once locked it you either tap or snap.

Sharpshooter, Bret Hart-If the F4 is the most popular in America the Sharpshooter is definitely a close second.

Honorable Mention-Walls of Jericho/Liontamer Chris Jericho, Boston Crab, Lance Storm, and Texas Cloverleaf, Dean Malenko

Mandible Claw aka Mr.Socko, Cactus Jack/Mankind/Mick Foley/Dude Love-You choke people with a dirty sock nothing more needs to be said there is no other submission like it.

STF-U, John Cena-You can hate on Cena but you have to admit the STF-U is a painful move.

Honorable Mention: Regal Stretch, William Regal

Crippler Crossface, Chris Benoit-If i had to rank these submissions this would be at the top of the list. Easily the most deadly, painful, and destructive finisher in a while. Benoit would come up with many creative reversals. Once locked in at the center of the ring your fate as sealed just ask Triple H.

Comment below on the submissions you think are the best.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TNA Ranking System Voting

Don't forget to vote often. Desmond Wolfe is in the lead with Jeff Hardy close behind.

WWE Draft Grades and Thoughts

Monday Night Raw put together three hours of vast story line possibilities. The opening match set the stage for the night in my opinion with the Hart Dynasty winning the unified tag championship from Shomiz....incidentally causing the "Greatest Tag Team in WWE History" to end with a...knock out punch. However, the matches tonight were second to the draft itself. Here are the results and what can be interpreted at this point in time:

RAW gets: John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge and Chris Jericho

Raw Draft Grade: A

Monday Night Raw now has a very large group of Superstars in the mix. This is mainly because Triple H is taking time off, HBK has retired and Cena Orton and Sheamus can only do so much. So Vince clearly needs some stability on Monday nights. The possible feuds and story lines are endless right now. John Cena now has quite a few people to go up against for the WWE title. Edge<--(1) asserted himself tonight by spearing Orton<--(2), Batista<--(3) is the current #1 contender, but honestly I think he loses again and we can call it a career for the Animal. Sheamus<--(4) is a proven heel and lets not forget the "Greatest in the World at what he does" Chris Jericho<--(5) and that is only the WWE championship possibilities.

With Shomiz broken up, the WWE U.S. Title is now the focus for the Miz. Enter R-Truth, John Morrison and Ted Dibiase. That is going to be the line up for the feuds to come for the championship. Here is something else that is foreseeable, Chris Jericho feuding with the Miz for the title (face turn?). There are so many possible story lines that will take place and it all benefits the Miz. The draft has allowed the U.S. Title to become a serious belt again, with legitimate contenders waiting in the locker room.

Also what happens if the Unified Tag Team Championships get split up again? Bret Hart is obviously trying to bring life back to Tag Team wrestling in WWE and by how the crowd reacted to the Hart Dynasty, it will be interesting to say the least if tag teams become a focus again.

Smackdown gets: Kelly Kelly (snore), Big show, Kofi Kingston, Christian

Smackdown grade: C+

The reason it isn't a B is because they went politically correct by sending a Diva on the main draft instead of the noon supplementary draft.

Smackdown added three main event carders to its squad making it very strong. Undertaker is still the top man on Friday nights of course, Rey Mysterio is adored by kids, the Straight Edge Society (SES) is still hated, the Hart Dynasty is completely over with the crowd and the All American American Jack Swagger has taken off.

**For the record, WWE made him lose all those matches for a reason, so all the narcs and haters who were bashing WWE for that storyline....once again your impatience amazes me. I love hearing people say the show is for ADD kids when they can't see a developing storyline plain as day. He beat Orton clean when it mattered and that was for the strap. (He beat Morrison clean tonight as well, just in case you were wondering)**

Smackdown did very well in the draft and have some good World Title matches coming. Jack Swagger has been put into a situation where he can solidify himself as a main event contender. I see Kofi Kingston or Christian being his first feud post draft. Here is why; Undertaker is going to be limited for a while, I doubt Big Show will get a title shot considering Vince hasn't put the WWE or WHC title on him in God knows when and CM Punks feud with Mysterio isn't over yet. Honestly, the World Heavyweight Title will be an interesting storyline. If done right, Jack Swagger may become the top guy on Smackdown (well after Undertaker).

I do see Big Show joining the Straight Edge Society however. That could prove interesting if you put Luke Gallows and Show against Hart Dynasty for the tag belts. That leaves CM Punk to go after Swagger once the Mysterio feud ends. The SES would then need only Drew McIntyre to have a full sweep of the titles. That would be a great stable in my opinion.

Speaking of Drew McIntyre and the Intercontinental Championship, they are the next intriguing possibility. Next to McIntyre joining the SES, I can see Kofi or Christian (depending on who gets the nod for the World Title feud) having well executed matches with Drew.

**Wild idea here, many will disagree with but from how the crowd pops for him I personally want to see it. GOLDUST WINNING THE INTERCONTINENTAL BELT. The crowd has been loving his return and is steadily gaining more and more cheers. Just one time Vince! Let him have it just one more time!**

....Now that I'm back to reality, Drew McIntyre has limitless potential and will be a WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. He now has the pieces in place to have the proper feuds to build his credibility and gather momentum for future title runs.
Still, I love the idea of he and Big Show joining the HELL of a stable.

Overall the draft was great for WWE. Raw is stacked with main event stars and Smackdown is as consistent as ever. This is going to be a testing time for WWE considering Shawn Michaels is now gone, Triple H is taking time off and the limited shows for Undertaker. Vince is trusting the younger guys to be assertive and in my personal opinion, these young stars have what it takes to carry the torch.

**Don't forget at Noon there is the Supplementary Draft!!*

Monday, April 26, 2010

WWE Draft 2010 4/26/10 Live Coverage

Change of plans I will be covering it. Going to use a different format for live coverage where I go more in-depth.

Show begins right away with Unified Tag Team Championship Match

Match #1 Showmiz vs Hart Dynasty Tag Team Titles
The Miz begins by getting on the mic discussing Extreme Rules. He bashes Stu Hart and the rest of the Hart Family (I want to see him say something about Owen in Canada it'll probaly start a riot). He calls Bret to name them The Greatest Tag Team in WWE History. Bret names them Greatest Tag Team but goes on to say, The Mountie was the greatest IC champion of all time and David Arquette was the greatest world champion of all time. He calls The Miz a horse faced idiot also. Hopefully Bret stays on as a manager.

The Hart Dynasty finally comes out and the match begins. Tyson vs Miz start off, they lock up for a while with Miz doing most of the control. Tyson does a pretty cool springboard reverse into an arm drag. D.H. Smith does an impressive delayed suplex. Miz goes outside ring.


Come back and Miz has D.H in a headlock. Big Show and Tyson Kidd finally get in and Show hits a nice headbutt. Show taunts Bret and the Dynasty to get some heat and throws Kidd across the ring (literally). Miz is tagged back in he taunts the fans getting some boo's and a "You Suck" chant. Kidd does a great reverse into a pin but Miz breaks and does a neckbreaker. Kidd gets a tag and D.H starts dominating Miz. He goes for his finisher but Miz counters into a pin and DH counters into a pin but only gets 2. Miz tries to get a pin using ropes but Bret stops him. Kidd stops Big Show from attacking Bret and DH tags him in to do the Hart Attack. Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter and Miz taps.

Winner: New Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty (finally a tag team has the tag titles and they are over with the fans.) One thing I will say is that DH and Kidd need some practice their Sharpshooters are really sloppy.


We come back to recap the Last Man Standing match between Cena and Batista (which had no damn blood but it did have DUCT TAPE!) During the commercial Big Show KO punches Miz. Finally they break up so Miz will defend his United States Titles. Now we recap Sheamus vs Triple H (5 Bicycle Kicks jesus). Swagger is backstage discussing his match vs Orton then Edge interrupts him explaining he is next in line for the championship. On joy we get a Diva's match next. Mccool, Layla, and Vickie come out.


We recap when Eve Torres beating Maryse for the Diva's Championship (which looks ridiculous) and they are partnering together tonight.

Match #2 Eve Torres and Maryse vs Michelle Mccool and Layla

The stipulation for this match has something to do with the draft apparently whoever wins these draft pick matches they earn their show a pick.

Match begins Eve vs Layla. The crowd immediately yells "We want Mickie". Eve asks Maryse for a tag only to be kicked in the gut leading to a catfight. Eve goes back in the ring only to get a big dropkick to the face by Layla. Michelle Mccool gets tagged in and Matt Striker and Michael Cole have a disturbing chat about Vickie Guerrero. Layla attacks Eve when ref has back turned and Mccool applies a submission. Maryse gets tagged in taunting Eve. Mccool superkicks her and pins her right by Eve. Eve is looking like she is debating whether to break the pin or not (not like in a way she is screwing Maryse but like Mccool botched and kicked her too close to the ring post).

Winners: Michelle Mccool and Layla giving Smackdown first pick for a Diva.

Smackdown gets Kelly Kelly (yay?). SES is shown backstage.


We come back and Evan Bourne is representing Raw. The SES comes out for Smackdown with CM Punk showing off his hair to the crowd very cocky like.

Match #3 CM Punk vs Evan Bourne Draft Pick

Crowd begins chanting CM Punk(he is completely over as a heel and face). Punk starts off by having his way with little Evan Bourne. Punk taunts the crowd more and Evan counters his vertical suplex. Evan completely misses with a roundhouse but Punk sells it and rolls out. Gallows helps him up. Evan Bourne does a springboard spaceman plancha onto Punk and Gallows. Bourne sets up for the SSP when Serena distracts ref. The mystery man aka Joey Mercury knocks down Bourne and Punk his the GTS.

Winner: CM Punk Smackdown gets 2nd draft pick (why Hornswoggle is in the draft i dunno).

Smackdown gains The Big Show. Jericho and Show on the same show? I smell hijinks. Punk should recruit Big Show his head is already bald. Sheamus is backstage.

-Commercial- Might as well check out Impact.

Teddy Long is backstage welcoming Big Show to Smackdown. Big Show walks away and Long starts dancing I think Big Show might be turning face. Sheamus comes out I'm glad he decided to start wearing shirts. Sheamus talks about how Triple H is never going to wrestle again and how he wants the WWE championship. Randy Orton interrupts. Orton says he fought Triple H like a man unlike Sheamus. Orton believes he deserves a title shot which Sheamus reminds him he blew his chance last night. Orton threatens to RKO and punt Sheamus. Cena comes out (Please we don't need Randy orton vs John Cena for the 10th time). Cena is going to bring in tonight's guest host only to get a call from Headquarters saying there is no guest host. I'll admit Cena is pretty good in this comedy scene. Cena tells them they have to earn their title shot in a #1 contender's match later tonight unless one gets drafted. Sheamus misses a kick and dodges the RKO and leaves the ring.

We see Team Smackdown walking (Kane, R-Truth, Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, and Shad Gaspard).


Match #4 Team Smackdown vs Team Raw(MVP, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino, and Ted Dibiase with the Million Dollar Belt) Battle Royal for 3 draft picks

Santino and Rey Mysterio do a facedown then Kane joins in. McIntyre eliminates himself, Tatsu gets eliminated by Shad. Near falls and just pretty much brawling.


We come back Mysterio eliminates MVP and Santino helps DiBiase eliminate Shad and R-Truth. Rey delivers a 619 to the gut to Henry and Kane eliminates him. Kane gets eliminated by Dibiase. Santino is knocked out from a chokeslame and Mysterio and DiBiase face off. Mysterio and Dibiase go back and forth hanging onto the ropes. They have a nice battle on the outside apron. DiBiase knocks off Mysterio. DiBiase hits Santino with Dream Street afterwards.

Winner: Team Raw Raw gets 3 draft picks. 3rd John Morrison(finally he can begin his push), 4th R-Truth(bye to Morrison's push i guess), and lastly 5th Edge(WTB Edge vs Christian feud).


Chris Jericho comes out to the ring talking about his match last night (some person in a bright pink sweater is waving in the background). Jericho wants Edge suspended. Jericho says he will never lose to a rookie again refering to his match with Heath Slater, and wants an apology. He blames Slater for his loss. Heath Slater walks out saying Jericho won't beat his pro Christian.

Match #5 Chris Jericho vs Christian Draft Pick
Christian knocks Jericho outside.


We come back Jericho has Christian in a headlock and gets a nearfall. Begins to choke Christian on the ropes and does a slingshot on them. Jericho taunts the crowd. Christian gains come momentum. Goes for the Killswitch but fails and chokes Jericho on ropes. Jericho goes for walls into a rollup, nearfall. Jericho locks in the Walls but Christian gets to the rope. Christian jumps from top rope into a Codebreaker. He hits Slater with one after match.

Winner: Chris Jericho Smackdown 6th Draft Pick Kofi Kingston who runs to the ring and hits Jericho with a Trouble in Paradise. Swagger and Morrison backstage.


Jack Swagger comes out and then Morrison comes out.

Match #6 Jack Swagger vs John Morrison(again) Draft Pick

They go back and forth. Swagger does some mat work. Swagger gets out of a submission and does a devasting slam and back to matwork. Morrison dropkicks Swagger outside the ring and hits a corkscrew to the apron. Swagger tears Morrison in half with a spear on the turnbuckle.


We come back and Morrison hits a nice running moonsault. Swagger rolls out of the right after a kick from Morrison and a nearfall. He goes for a Gutwrench but Morrison counters but Swagger gets up and reverses the Starship Pain into a Gutwrench.

Winner: Jack Swagger Smackdown 7th Pick Christian (good bye Edge v Christian sadly)


DiBiase is backstage talking to Carlito offering him something. Carlito leaves and DiBiase offers R-truth a job watching his back and carrying his bags. R-Truth says he wants a Virgil. R-Truth slaps him and leaves. We get a video about Military Appreciation Month with John Cena.


We come back to Dolph Ziggler coming out for the final draft pick match. Also the Draft continues after Raw goes off air so I'll update that. Dolph's opponent HORNSWOGGLE still wearing DX gear for some reason!!!!(sigh). I'm not counting this as a match Hornswoggle wins by countout. Dolph applies the sleeper on Hornswoggle really effectively too. With lighter hair the ref and Dolph could be brothers. Lawler checks on Hornswoggle.

Raw Draft Pick 8 Chris Jericho (o cool Jericho and Edge on same show still guess this feud isn't over)


We come back and Batista comes out before the main event can start. Batista says last night was a joke (i agree). Batista is frothing mad and wants a rematch. Sheamus comes out now. He calls Batista a loser like Orton then Orton walks out. Orton says he'll beat Sheamus and then Batista. Sheamus berates them again and then Cena comes out again. t is now a Triple Threat and the bell rings.

Main Event Sheamus vs Batista vs Randy Orton #1 Contender Match for WWE Championship

Batista leaves the ring to let Orton and Sheamus have at it. He says the match is no countouts and no dq (when that happened I dunno). Sheamus pins Batista breaks and throws him out of the ring. Batista rolls out and Orton is alone in ring. Sheamus is still hurting outside the ring while Orton and Batista have at it. Sheamus continues to spend the match outside the ring. Finally Sheamus gets in the ring.....only to be thrown back out. Batista hits a Spinebuster and we abruptly cut.


We come back and now Batista is the one outside. Sheamus and Batista go at it in the ring until Sheamus throws him out facing Orton now. Randy gains momentum and Sheamus counters a rope-hung(although it looked like a botch). He gets it on Batista though. Orton prepares an RKO but gets hit by a knee from Sheamus. Orton counters the Celtic Cross and Batista his Sheamus with a spear and he kicks out. Sheamus kicks Batista and misses Orton into a slam. Orton hits an RKO and then gets speared by Edge (i guess this is where that no DQ comes from). Batista gets the pin (guess he isn't retiring)? Also I guess Edge is a heel now?

Winner: Batista

Extreme Rules Proof WWE Is Ready For New Stars?

I did not get to see Extreme Rules but I'll post the results and a few of my thoughts about the wins. Also I am not 100% sure of the order the matches were but that does not matter much.

Match #1 Showmiz Gauntlet Match vs Morrison/Truth, MVP/Henry and Hart Dynasty

Hart Dynasty wins gets a title shot at draft.

Match #2 CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio Hair Match (I wonder if they forgot about the whole Rey joins the SES stipulation cause they haven't mentioned it for weeks)

CM Punk beats Rey after getting help from a mysterious bald man (Joey Mercury).

Match #3 JTG vs Shad Gaspard Strap Match

JTG gets the win. It was nice to see Shad wearing wrestling gear for once.

Match #4 Jack Swagger(c) vs Randy Orton World Heavyweight Title

Swagger gets the win over Orton (thank the heavens).

Match #5 Sheamus vs Triple H Street Fight

Sheamus gets his win. Apparently Triple H kayfabe suffered nerve damage and will be out (to film the movie Killing Karma).

Match #6 Beth Phoenix vs Michelle Mccool(c) WWE Women's Championship Extreme Makeover Match

Beth Phoenix takes a win.

Match #7 Edge vs Chris Jericho Steel Cage Match

Edge gets the win after a spear.

Main Event John Cena(c) vs Batista Last Man Standing Match WWE Championship

Supercena gets a win in probaly the most ridiculous finisher to a match in the past few years. He wins by duct taping Batista to the ring post so he can't stand up and apparently the ref said fuck it and just kept counting.

Now on to my opinions. WWE is finally ready to push the new guys it seems. JTG vs Shad while both aren't main eventer it is good that they are splitting up to make names for themselves. Hopefully they get drafted to different brands. Sheamus finally defeats the King of Kings. It looks like Sheamus is finally ready to move into the main event race and rightfully so he is definitely ready. Look for the Hart Dynasty to take the tag titles. The WWE finally realizes that the tag team belts should belong to one of the only two tag teams in their company (the other being the Dudebusters).

Jack Swagger after jobbing to Morrison on Smackdown retains his WHC. The win over Orton is huge for him I foresee a bright future hopefully. A Morrison/Swagger feud would be great to move Morrison to main event status but I don't see that happening. Beth Phoenix is now top face for the Women's Division so she now has to takeover the mantle of Mickie James. Edge and Jericho can finally be laid to rest hopefully. Cena and Batista is probaly dead considering the whole controversy with Batista's contract (which may explain his embrassing loss). I'm praying that WWE didn't drop the Mysterio joins SES angle but even if they do at least they gain a new member in Joey Mercury.

As for the predictions not counting the tag matches because they were last minute. I was 5 out of 7.

Comment below and post how well you did with your predictions. I'll be busy tonight so no live draft coverage sadly.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top Mic Performers in WWE

Just a list I've been meaning to make for a while. This is not about wrestling skills it is simply about ability on the microphone.

9. Chris Jericho(Heel)-Chris Jericho is easily one of the greatest wrestlers to ever hold the microphone. While never really a main eventer as a face he got his big break as a heel when he became the first Undisputed Champion.

8. Ric Flair-Ric Flair has been stylin and proflin for over 30 years. Who better to cut a promo than an old man who is frothing at the mouth while beating his forehead until his face is covered in blood. Flair's popular catchphrase "To be the man you got to beat the man" will live throughout the ages. You also can't forget his trademark "WOOOOOOOO".

7. The Miz-From reality star to pro wrestler the Miz is one of the companies rising stars. He is one of the most improved wrestlers, honing his mic and ring skills. If WWE works on him more he can become one of the great heels of the decade. Simply put He's Awesome.

6. Ultimate Warrior-Probaly the most insane guy in wrestler during his time Warrior was a force to be reckoned with. Did his promo's make sense? No but did they have to? No. Somewhere in his incoherent babbling you got the message that when he got to the mic he was going to tear your head off.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin-The forerunner of the Attitude Era Stone Cold led the WWF into an age of prosperity. He was the beer drinking, cursing, antihero who loved to torment his boss. "Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass" cemented his legacy.

4. Mr.McMahon-The character of Mr.McMahon helped push the attitude era along in a time where they were short dominating heels. Would Austin have been as big as he is without Mr.McMahon trying to do everything to ruin his life? "You're Fired".

3. Hulk Hogan and John Cena-Figured I'd put these 2 together as they have similar stories. While these two have recieved a lot of heat from fans you cannot deny their mic skills are what made them the two most people faces of wrestling. Hulk Hogan became the American Hero for wrestling. Instructioning children to go to bed on time, say their prayers, and eat healthy. John Cena has moved from a white rapper gimmick to the American Marine. Cena is a man who will never back down from an overwhelming foe. These two guys move merchandise and have a ton of charisma which is why they were pushed. Any wrestler who can get more kids to a show to buy merchandise is a great asset.

2. CM Punk The Straightedge Messiah-From top babyface to #1 heel CM Punk has taken WWE by force. With the creation of the Straight Edge Society he showed himself to be the best heel on TV atm. Everytime he is on screen he constantly berates the crowd of their pill popping and drinking. With a few more members the SES could become the main stable for a longtime to come.

1. (no surprise) The Rock-The Rock is simply untouchhable on the mic. Whether heel or face nobody could stand up to his delivery and charisma. The Rock probaly has the most catchphrases out of anyone on this list. The crowd loved him and probaly the most memorable thing about him is the People's Eyebrow. The Rock has been in great feuds over the year and I hate to say it but he made a good decision retiring while at the top.

Honorable Mentions: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Mick Foley, Randy Orton, and Sheamus.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Extreme Rules Predictions

Due to the Volcano in Iceland there are really only 2 Raw matches on the card. I expected a Tag Team Title match to happen.

Michelle Mccool(c) vs Beth Phoenix Extreme Makeover Match(*sigh*) for the WWE Women's Championship

If it was a normal match I'd go with Mccool for the win but I assume the loser is getting a makeover so I'm going with Beth Phoenix giving Mccool an ugly makeover.

JTG vs Shad Gaspard Strap Match

I'm predicting Shad to beat down JTG for the win to solidify himself as a monster heel.

Triple H vs Sheamus Street Fight

Hoping Sheamus wins this in another match that will put over a heel as a force to dominate. I don't think HHH will be against putting Sheamus over since apparently he helped train him and they are workout buddies.

Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk Hair Match-If Punk Loses he gets shaved If Mysterio loses he joins SES

Predicting CM Punk to win this. They have a chance to make a great storyline with Rey in the SES. He can sabotage their matches and there can be a whole part where Gallows is kicked out and/or jealous. The possibilities are great.

Jack Swagger(c) vs Randy Orton World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules

Hmmmm a WHC match with 2 guys from different shows the day before the big draft. I can see them going with that different with Orton winning but even with Swagger jobbing to Undertaker and Morrison I'll still give him the benefit of a doubt. Saying Swagger to win.

Edge vs Chris Jericho Steel Cage Match

Giving Edge the win nothing more to say here really.

John Cena(c) vs Batista Last Man Standing Match for WWE Championship

Supercena wins since Batista's contract expires soon from the reports I've heard. If Batista is still going to take time off since getting replaced in that movie I have no idea.

Again I have to restate how WWE is going to do a non-bloody PPV devoted to anything goes matches is anyone's guess. Hopefully WWE adds in a last minute Tag Team, US title, or Intercontinetal title match (for the love of god I hope the US or Intercontinental title gets defended at a PPV). However without any build-up it's unlikely any of these will change hands. Not sure if I'm going to order the PPV, if I do I won't be able to cover it live because I'll be out at that time but I'll post the results the next day or when I get home. Post predictions in comments and here is a giant picture of Sheamus to enjoy.

World Heavyweight Champion Loses.....Again

Yesterday on Smackdown The World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger cut a promo about how he beat 2 former world champions last week. He also talked about how he gave the Undertaker a run for his money and tried to make his loss sound like a victory. Out comes John Morrison again for a match. I thought to myself "o this is going to be another squash match between them to set up the PPV". How wrong I was, not only did Morrison grab the ropes after a Gutwrench Powerbomb. He hit his finisher and got the 3 count on the champion.

How weak does Swagger look now. I understand him losing to Undertaker on RAW, but having him beat 2 other world champions the week before and losing to John Morrison is ridiculous. While this begins Morrison's push this does not build up the PPV. Hopefully WWE decides what they want to do with the World Champion or else his run will become a joke (like The Great Khali's run).

Friday, April 23, 2010

D'angelo Dinero Injury

Apparently "The Pope" suffered legitimate ligament damage to his shoulder. That brings a new light to why TNA moved the title to RVD, hopefully that is the reason however. 3 TNA wrestlers down in less than a week is not good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breaking: Mickie James, Shelton Benjamin, and More Released

In some surprising breaking news (at least for a couple of these names) WWE has done another one of their infamous house cleanings. Topping the list of releases is Mickie James, who comes as quite a surprise as she is one of top face Divas in WWE and is usually always in one of the top Diva storylines.

There were rumblings last week that Mickie was getting heat backstage recently due to her behavior on the recent overseas trip, as she was said to be partying at night and was late arriving numerous times to the bus the RAW crew was traveling on, thus holding up the rest of the crew's travel.

We can't confirm these rumors, but apparently something had to go wrong because Mickie is no longer with WWE. Just like when WWE released Maria, Mickie is in the same situation as she has her debut country music album on the way and it seemed she would be branching out and becoming even more popular on the entertainment scene. Another factor is the recent subject brought up during Linda McMahons campaign for senate, where it was brought up that WWE is supposed to be family friendly, yet hires people like Candice Michelle who had done fetish and softcore porn videos. No one brought up that Mickie James did even worse porn pics in the past, so her release could also be a part of WWE's clean up process. Still, what a way for a veteran Diva to go out, after Mickie endured the "Piggy James" storyline recently and barely got any revenge.

Also making the list of releases are Shelton Benjamin, Kung Fu Naki (who has somehow been in WWE for over 10 years!) Katie Lea Burchill, Slam Master J (aka Jessie aka Ray Gordy,) and Jimmy Wang Yang.

Of this list, Shelton Benjamin is probably the biggest name. Benjamin has always been looked at as one of the best athletes in WWE, but never really clicked with any gimmick or storyline. The rest of the group aren't too surprising as none have been used very much at all on TV and we're surprised they lasted as long as they did. All these talents could pop up in TNA, with Mickie James probably being the top name TNA can go after, with Benjamin not far behind. The rest are hit or miss, although Jimmy Yang could fit in the X division or even in Ring of Honor.

Releases always create controversy and freshen things up, and we will be looking for more information on Mickie's release, as basically WWE is handing her to TNA, where she spent a short time in the early days of TNA.

Jack Swagger's Future

Haven't blogged for a while due to the retirement of HBK (blog on him soon) but I've been wanting to talk Swagger and his possible future.

When Swagger won the money in the bank match, it was clear who WWE is trying to push alongside Sheamus. Jack Swagger is a poor man's Kurt Angle. There is no disrespect in that statement, however Swagger doesn't have the credentials that Angle has. He is still learning and is willing to learn. In this business, it is very rare you will find those who want to keep learning and are willing to listen. His match against Undertaker on Raw is a perfect example. Taker was constantly talking to him and guiding him through the match. Yes, Undertaker can make anyone look good, but we all know if you want to push someone in WWE taking on the Undertaker and wrestling well against him is the best possible way. But what exactly can be determined for the future of the All American American.....American?

The old saying is, your only as successful as the time you put into your craft. For Jack Swagger to be one of the top guys in the future, he needs to continue working on his mat skills, his mic skills and most importantly adapting his character to the future. Swagger is an established heel and is capable of bringing heat and getting the crowed fired up. I also see him being a face later down the road and a real good one. The reason I think Swagger can be a face is simply put that he has the personality to do it.

Some cause for concern is his ego. Randy Orton and Sheamus are examples to this claim. Both of them were young when the titles were put on them and it went straight to their heads. They became cocky, stuck up, impersonal and basically isolated from everyone in the locker room. The "ego curse" of the title belt has struck many. Swagger needs to stay hungry and never be satisfied, otherwise he could end up being just another big headed superstar who thinks he is better than everyone.

Personally, I believe Swagger has a very bright future. He is strong, young and extremely talented as an entertainer and wrestler. What will determine his success is if he can maintain a great work ethic, not let the fame go to his head and understand that the pecking order is not by the title belts but the respect given in the locker room by the veterans. If you get on their bad side early, it will be a hard ride. Look at the Miz, he has been isolated and ridiculed but he is still working hard to make it in the business. I can definitely see the Miz and Swagger having title matches in the future. Again, it all depends on if Swagger is willing to put in the work. Otherwise he will just be a footnote champion.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Extreme Rules With No Blood

I'm interested to see how WWE will put on compelling Last Man Standing and Street Fight matches with the whole no blood thing. The PPV is called Extreme Rules no DQ's fan are expecting to see some brutal matches. Now I understand that matches can be done well without the use of blood but having a PPV dedicated to anything goes matches and having not one drop of blood is frankly ridiculous. I don't remember a Last Man Standing match where no one bled. My solution? If they're gonna stop matches for bleeding and ban blading just do it for everything else but no DQ matches.

RVD New TNA Heavyweight Champion Huge Mistake?

If you watched TNA this Monday or read any online wrestling site you'd know that Rob Van Dam, Mr. Monday Night is the new TNA World Champion. This blog will be looking at the positives and negatives of this surprising outcome. Alright so let us begin.

Rob Van Dam is a huge wrestling star. Even when he was midcard in WWE he always got one of the best crowd reactions. TNA made a brilliant decision grabbing him. RVD is someone who can sell PPV tickets. Him already moving to Main Event Status will surely bring us great matches to come. Rob Van Dam while not one of the best mic performers he can hold his own against anymore and has the in-ring skill to follow.

RVD was on top of the world when he held the WWE and ECW Championships at the same time in WWE. However he was arrested for drug possession and stripped of both. Can he be more responsible this time with his TNA title? Furthermore a lot of people have been talking about how TNA is pushing away their homegrown stars for these new WWE guys. This could not be further proof of that. You have Elijah Burke aka The Pope who has been #1 contender for 2 months. You have him lose at Lockdown only to have the title change hands the next night and given to a guy who's been in the company for about 2 months. Dixie Carter said Pope was going to have a big year but this is a shitty way of starting it off. RVD winning the title pretty much slows his push to a grinding halt. TNA really needs to focus on the people they already have before promoting these new former wwe guys.

On another note I expected Jeff Hardy to get the title and to be honest I think TNA would've done that if it were not for his upcoming drug trial.

Those are my thoughts feel free to comment below.

WWE Raw Thoughts

Time for someone elses thoughts on things around here. Lets talk about this pile of crap now called WWE Raw.....

First up! The comedy hour with Triple H! Joke time! Oh man, he is such a cut up.... uh oh here comes CM Punk.... no way Rey comes out.... no way somehow somethings turns into a tag match later on...................

Drew vs Hardy.... no way Drew wins this one.....DAMN! I was so close! Not predictable at all in any way shape or form.

Uh oh Kozlov is out there. No way this somehow turns into some kind of stupid comedy hour segment. DAMN! FOOLED AGAIN! Wow, did they really just blow up R Truth? Totally, didn't see him run into the back there. Oh what was that?! A tag match for the main event?! Didn't see that one coming, at all, seriously.

1 hour into Raw and we finally get our 2nd match. Swagger vs Undertaker. Hey, here is an awesome idea WWE. Let's put the world title on someone, and then have him get his ass kicked constantly. Way to put over your world champ.

I so wanna turn Raw off right now, this is idiotic, no way it can get any worse..................

Kozlov vs Macgruber, good lord. Spoke too soon. HAhahaha alright, Ryan Phillippe is there so at least it is a little cool. Sorry but since the epic opening scene of The Way Of The Gun, I have been a big Ryan Phillippe fan. Oh good, more comedy with uh, Khalgruber? Yeah I was busy watching the opening scene to The Way Of The Gun instead of giving a crap about this match.

Tag match time, who gives a crap. 4 matches total. Typical Raw show. I'm sorry but if you thought that Raw was even the tiniest bit better than TNA Impact tonight then you are a 12 year old with ADD. Seriously, fart jokes, pee jokes, and 4 damn matches? 2 of which shouldn't even count because who the hell really cared other than little idiot kids?

I said it before, and I stand but it to this day, Raw is for little kids with ADD. TNA is for wrestling fans.

This is probably the last Raw I will go out of my way even the tiniest bit to watch. I don't even wanna waste the space on my DVR to record this crap anymore.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TNA Impact Results 4/19/10

The show begins with the Heavyweight Champ AJ Styles coming out after his from what I hear amazing match with Pope at Lockdown. He says how nobody is good enough and out comes RVD. RVD challenges him but is interrupted by Jeff Hardy. They both want a shot at the title and then Hogan comes. He announces a #1 contenders match tonight between Hardy and RVD. The winner will face AJ for the championship the same night. Pretty balsy move by TNA they pulled out the stops while they knew Raw was handicapped.

Match #1 TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
The Beautiful People (Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky all 3 are technically champions) vs Daffney and ODB (obvious outcome is obvious btw)
Without going too much into detail the BP distract the ref with sex appeal while another uses hairspray on ODB and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Beautiful People

Jarret and Abyss come out to talk about Team Hogan winning and Flair wants a rematch. Team Hogan is down 2 people so Big Rob Terry comes out and clears Team Flair out. Team Hogan needs another member still.

We come back with Matt Morgan trying to recruit Shannon Moore for his tag team only to be rejected.

Bischoff is talking to Hogan about his new Heavyweight champion ranking system to be revealed next week which we all know is going to be a stupid idea. His secretary is smoking hot though but I guess that's the point of her.

Match #2 Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam #1 Contender's Match
Amazing match between two skilled competitors. The only thing that ruined it was the commercial breaks. Hardy misses a Swanton and gets a 5 Star Frog Splash.

Winner: RVD

Match #3 Team Hogan(Rob Terry, Jeff Jarret, Abyss and ?) vs Team Flair( Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe, and Sting)

The match goes as expected heels get the upperhand when suddenly the new partner is revealed to be Samoa Joe who I couldn't tell was a heel or face based on his facial expression. Joe cleaned house and won the match for them looks like he isn't playing around.

Winner: Team Hogan

Flair challenges Abyss to a match next week for the Hall of Fame Rings.

Main Event Match #4 World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Rob Van Dam
A pay-per-view quality match on free TV. TNA really wanted to hit Raw while they were down. In a shocker to everyone RVD reverses a springboard into a powerbomb. Hits the 5 Star and Bam New Heavyweight Champion.

Winner and new champion: Rob Van Dam.

Dixie Carter, Hogan and other wrestlers come out to celebrate as confetti falls.

TNA despite using everything put on an average show in my opinion. I'll make a blog later today or tommrow discussing how horrible their heavyweight champion decision was.

WWE Raw Results

Triple H starts the show off talking to the crowd about the raw crew being stuck in Europe and makes fun of the Big Show. He talks about how Smackdown is going to take over the show and his match against Sheamus. Out comes the Straight Edge Messiah CM Punk to interrupt. CM (always awesome on the mic) wants Triple H to join the SES. Triple H has a interesting moment going through the crowd refuting CM Punk's argument. The SES attacks HHH when Rey Mysterio makes the save. In an effort to not to an exact repeat of last week's Smackdown Rey actually cuts a lock of hair this time.

Match #1 Drew Mcintyre vs Matt Hardy(for the 3rd or 4th time)
Decent match but getting tired of seeing these two in the ring with the feud going nowhere.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

John Cena is cutting a promo from Europe via "satellite".

Vladimir Kozlov comes out to cut a heel promo about his treatment by guest hosts, he has Jerry Lawler read a statement trashing New Jersey.

The cast of MacGruber comes out and annouced the 6man tag team main event between Gallows, Punk, and Jericho vs Mysterio, Edge, and HHH. How Edge and Jericho got involved is anyone's guess but w/e their short people. Kozlov is going to face Macgruber in a match.

There was a comedy skit between MacGruber and Kane/HHH later on.

Randy Orton cuts a promo via satellite.

Swagger comes out issuing an open challenge and starts to leave when out comes to everyone's surprise The Undertaker. It's good to see him willing to stop taking time off to help the company in a pinch.

Match #2 The Undertaker vs Jack Swagger
Very good match that kept the Heavyweight champ looking strong while keeping the Undertaker as the man to beat. Nobody expected Swagger to win anyway.

Winner: The Undertaker

Jericho is talking to the SES and runs into Macgruber for a comedy sequence.

Match #3 Macgruber vs Vladimir Kozlov
Kozlov is about to demolish Macgruber when another cast member comes out and announces it will be a handicap match with Macgruber's half brother Kahlruber. The Great Khali comes out in full Macgruber gear.

Winner: Macgruber and Kahlruber.

Now Khali's return raises a few thoughts. A. He didn't leave for India yet and came to help the company in a pinch, B. He never was going to take time off and they planned the Kahlruber thing ahead of time, or C. He was taking time off but they put the Kahlruber thing together at the last second. Either way having him say he is going to take time off and come back as world champ and pull this crap is ridiculous.

Main Event Match #4 Mysterio, HHH, and Edge vs SES (Gallows and Punk) and Jericho
Feels like they just stuck all the main eventers they had (minus Gallows) in a match together to try and give the crowd something. While a great match just seems kinda tacky but I've never been a fan of more then 2 people per team in a tag match.

Overall with what they had to work with Raw at least tried to put a decent show together. The buildup for Extreme Rules is really weak so hopefully Smackdown can fix it.

Rob Van Dam Wins the TNA World Title

After a hot Lockdown pay per view last night in St. Louis, TNA went all out and took advantage of the fact that the WWE RAW crew was stuck in Ireland due to the volcano. RAW was a thrown together show with mostly Smackdown guys, and typical WWE "comedy," while TNA decided to bring out their big guns. Not only did they give us Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy in a number 1 contenders match, Hulk Hogan announced that the winner would get their title shot against AJ Styles tonight! RVD won a good match with a lot of highspots from Hardy and RVD, with RVD winning the match with the 5-star frog splash. The predictable train of thought would say that from this point, RVD vs. Styles would end in some sort of DQ or run in and a rematch at the PPV would be set up. But TNA has been throwing swerves at us lately, and in a huge swerve, RVD won the TNA Championship from AJ Styles with the 5-star frog splash. The Impact Zone went wild, confetti fell from the ceiling (wasn't a huge fan of this since it gave away the planned ending) but it was a great moment that no doubt created buzz. RVD is arguably the top face in the company, and now he is in the main spot, as he should be. For a few weeks it looked like RVD would once again be used wrong and just grouped in with other guys in matches, but it looks like TNA realizes that RVD and Hardy are the guys they need to run with, and of the two RVD is by far the more reliable to run with at the moment. With RVD as TNA Champion, be ready for tons of 5 star title matches with natural opponents like Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe, Mr. Anderson, and even re-matches with Hardy and Styles. One of the best moves TNA could make in my opinion...AJ Styles is talented, but with a roster the caliber of TNA's, AJ is not your heavyweight champion.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Reason for Sean "Syxx-Pac" Waltman's No Show

According to sources he did not show for personal reasons. He gave TNA management notice in advance however. He is reportedly recieving no heat for the incident however.

Lockdown Results

Rob Van Dam beat James Storm for the numbers advantage

Homicide beat Brian Kendrick and the MCMG's to join the X division title match

Kevin Nash defeated Eric Young

The Beautiful People defeated Angelina Love and Tara and Madison Rayne is the new Knockout champ

Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore and Homicide

Team 3D defeated The Band

Kurt Angle defeated Mr.Anderson

AJ Styles defeated D'angelo Dinero

Team Hogan defeated Team Flair

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Raw Crew In Jeopardy for Monday's Show

It looks like due to the volcano the Raw crew may have trouble getting to the event in time for Monday. More than likely the Smackdown guys will take over as they are already in Jersey for the event. What this will do with the storyline between Showmiz and Bret Hart we'll have to see.

Breaking Lockdown News

I haven't been following too closely but I just learned that Doug Williams was stripped of his X Division title due to being stuck in the United Kingdom because of the volcano problem. The match ended up being Kazarian vs Shannon Moore vs Homicide. Results will be up tonight or tommrow.

Syxx-Pac also no-showed I have no info on why yet i hope he has a good reason. The tag match ended up being Hall and Nash vs Team 3D. Nash had a match earlier with Young

Saturday, April 17, 2010

That Third Belt The Miz Carries

Does anyone remember what that third belt the Miz carries besides the tag titles is? It has the American flag on it. It cannot be a real title however because he hasn't defended it since January 31, 2010 so it must be something he created himself and brought from home.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen I am refering to the United States Championship. On October 5, 2009 he beat Kofi Kingston for the title. The United States Championship has been one of the main championships in the WWE since it was reactivated in 2003. It was originally a WCW title. The United States title as well as the Intercontinental title were titles used to help push young guys to the main event scene. While they still are it diminishes the worth of the current champion when it is currently being used as eye candy and put beneath the Tag Team titles (which are virtually the lowest rung of the title tree atm but thats for a later blog). The US title has taken a backseat ever since The Miz teamed up with The Big Show to take the Unified Tag Team Championships. Don't get me wrong the Miz is one of my favorite wrestlers but he can't brag about the US title and have nothing to show for it.

While I'm glad the WWE gave Miz a push by putting double titles on him (i count the tag belts as one) hopefully they take the tag champs away so we can see what he can really do as a US champ.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Smackdown 4/16/10 Results

Smackdown put on some quality matches tonight definitely one of their better shows of the past few weeks. The crowd was surprisingly dead however.

The show begins with Jericho coming out to do a promo about him losing the Heavyweight title and speaks ill of Teddy Long. Edge comes out to say that he should be representing Smackdown as the Heavyweight champion at Extreme Rules to prevent Randy Orton from taking the title to Raw. Teddy Long comes out to create a Heavyweight title match for who will represent Smackdown between Jack Swagger, Jericho, and Edge.

Match #1 Drew McIntyre vs Kane (i thought we were done with these 2)

A good match with some slow points in it however. Partway through the match McIntyre leaves the ring and heads up the ramp only to be thrown in the ring by Matt Hardy getting Kane DQ'ed. This match seems to be helping set up a feud between Hardy and McIntyre hopefully the Intercontinental Title will actually be defended at ER.

Jack Swagger is backstage complaining to Teddy Long about his match tonight.

Dolph Zigger comes to the ring to do a insincere apology for putting Josh Matthews in a sleeper hold last week. R-Truth enters the ring to berate him about it and the match begins.

Match #2 Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth

A very short match 3-4min match. I really wish R-Truth would stick to the scissor kick as his finish the Lie Detector seems like the most illogical finishing move being used atm. Dolph wins by submission with the sleeper. Two submission wins in a row for Dolph hopefully Vince puts a title on this guy soon definitely can't wait for him to be pushed.

Match #3 Michelle Mccool vs Mickie James

Finally a decent women's match with no really visible botches (I didn't see any personally). I enjoyed seeing the match begin with a pushup contest with both wrestlers taunting each other. Mccool puts some devasting head-scissors on James mid-match with a few faceslams. Mccool moves outside the ring only to be slammed against a barricade which really freaked out a kid in the audience. Mickie gets distracted by Layla only to be superkicked and pinned by Mccool. She gets brutalized after the match but saved by Beth Phoenix.

After commercials Luke Gallows and Darren Young are having a stare off. Kind of hard to take Gallows as a serious enforcer now.

Match #4 The Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows, CM Punk) with Darren Young (not sure if he is offically in the SES yet) vs The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd) with Rey Mysterio

What i found really weird was we come back from commercial and suddenly the Miz is commentating for some reason which is still awesome (no pun intended). A great 6-man tag match with some creative tag team maneuvers by Mysterio and the Hart Dynasty. Darren Young didn't get as much ring time as I expected which I guess is to be since he is a rookie. Rey hits the 619 and DH Smith hits a running powerslam for the win.

Wade Barret and Jericho are talking backstage.

After commercial we come back to the Dudebusters in the ring. JTG comes out (they really need to take Crymetyme out of his titantron).

Match #5 Caylen Croft vs JTG

A technical heavy match but was very good to see how these 2 tag teamers do well in singles. Shad Gaspard comes out and insults JTG from the entrance ramp. The only bad thing I can really say is JTG has a pretty weak finisher as well. Shad attacks JTG after he wins but JTG gains the upperhand and forces him out of the ring. I really want to see an Extreme Rules match between these 2.

Edge is backstage saying nothing really.

Main Event: Match #6 Jack Swagger(c) vs Chris Jericho vs Edge World Heavyweight Championship match

A lot of people including me predicted this at Extreme Rules while it is disappointing to not see it there it was good to see it regardless. A great main event definitely Match of the Week this could've easily been just as good as a PPV main event with a longer match time. Swagger really got dominating the most out of the 3 he and Jericho did team up vs Edge at one point however. Jericho locks in the Walls on Edge near the end only to be stopped by Swagger and locks them in on him. Jericho gets speared by Edge but Swagger stops the pin and takes it for himself. My only gripe with this was that Swagger should've hit the Gutwrench first to moreso make it his pin to me stealing Edge's pin without his own finisher makes him look weaker. He did Gutwrench Edge after the match but it didn't really matter at that point.

Overall a great smackdown show with quality matches. I won't be watching TNA lockdown but I'll post the results if no one else does. Got some interesting posts planned for tommrow so good night and be safe.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ezekiel Jackson Injury Report

According to sources Ezekiel Jackson suffered a torn quad while doing a show in a match vs Kane during the WWE's European tour. He underwent successful surgery on Tuesday and is expected to return in 5-7 months.

Pretty sad for Ezekiel i was hoping to see WWE push him as a brand new monster heel character. Hope he makes a safe recovery.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Promo of the Week and Match of the Week TNA

Best Promo: Doug Williams putting down Shannon Moore, Kaz, and the rest of the X Division again. Why? Because it's a great angle having a technical wrestler hold the title about high-flying moves hopefully it lasts a while.

Best Match: Matt Morgan and Amazing Red vs Motor City Machineguns. Why? Seeing Matt Morgan drag Red across the ring by his arm so he could tag him was hilarious.

WWE Raw Results April 12, 2010

Guest Host this week is David Hasselhoff and Raw is taking place in London, England.

Hasselhoff comes out to the Nightrider theme in Kit. He makes some Hoff puns and annouces some matches. He announces a triple threat tag team Baywatch match between the Diva's. He says he was watching Smackdown (crowd boo's lol) and says there was no #1 contender for the title and says it is Randy Orton because he beat Jack Swagger (which he pronouces Jacky Swagger) will face off at Extreme Rules. This really pissed me off why have someone from Raw face the Smackdown champion it's obvious he isn't going to win and a triple threat match between Edge, Jericho, and Swagger was the direction many people expected what was the point of that double countout match then.

Match #1 Eve Torres vs Maryse(c) for Diva's Championship

I'll be honest I hit the fast-forward button so fast but I'll rewatch it for our readers :). The match contained no more then 6 wrestling moves at the most the entire match (you think I'm joking go watch slapping and headslamming don't count). Maryse gets cocky after Eve misses a moonsault and Eve rolls up for the win and the new champ.

Showmiz comes out to cut a promo saying how they are the greatest tag team ever. Bret Hart comes out and names better tag teams then them like the British Bulldogs and Hart Foundation. The Miz who's without a doubt the best on the mic on Raw says one of the funniest lines I can remember on Raw. "If we were in your Era I'd put a sharpshooter on you faster than you can put a pair of cheap sunglasses on an ugly kid". The Big Show warns Bret to leave and the Hart Dynasty comes out to save him. D.H. Smith challenges Miz 1v1 and if he win's The Dynasty gets a title shot at Extreme Rules but if they lose Bret has to name Showmiz the greatest tag team in history next week.

Match #2 D.H. Smith vs The Miz

Pretty decent match good to see these guys getting pushes. A lot more mat work then I expected but it keeps going back and forth. D.H locks in the Sharpshooter and Big Show climbs on apron only to recieve a dropkick. Big Show takes out Tyson Kidd and punches D.H in the kidneys allowing Miz to hit his finisher for the win.

WWE recaps last week between Otunga, Cena, and Batista. Otunga and Batista are talking backstage and Batista punks him out making him get him coffee. Hasselhoff sets up a match between Otunga and Cena. Otunga is getting a ton of exposure. Bella Twins are hot as always btw.

Match #3 Carlito vs Evan Bourne

Very good and atheletic match. Too short for me but I'll take what I can get. Evan Bourne hits an Air-Bourne for the win.

Otunga comes out with Batista to face Cena.

Match #4 John Cena vs David Otunga

Short match just used to make Super Cena force Otunga to tap out and make another promo for Cena vs Batista.

After match Batista takes off his dress shirt and almost walks to ring to fight Cena only to stop for some reason and say he will choose when they fight so taking off his shirt was pointless.

Sheamus comes out to cut a promo vs Triple H for Extreme Rules. Hopefully they give Sheamus a win to push him further to Main Event Status he definitely has the mic and ring skills to make it to the top. He announces that their match will be a Street Fight and puts down England and America.

Kofi Kingston comes out and wants a rematch with Sheamus for beating him down last week which I thought was pretty funny. Almost as funny as when Evan Bourne tried to challenge Sheamus for the WWE Title.

Match #5 Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus

Easily the best match of the night. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise on Sheamus but he grabs the ropes. Sheamus leaves the ring and beats Kofi down with a monitor. He pins him against the ringpost and Bicycle Kicks him. Kofi wins by DQ but Sheamus sent a message to Triple H

Randy Orton was cutting a pretty heelish promo despite him being pushed as a face for his match with Swagger.

Match #6 Diva's Baywatch Match I fast-forwarded sorry readers I can't take another week of gimmick Diva match botches.

Match #7 Main Event Randy Orton vs Batista

Another good match that went back and forth. Randy eventually hits the RKO only to have Swagger Gutwrench Powerbomb him. The funny part of this was Cena comes out and knocks down Swagger and immediately makes Batista tap to the STFU.

Overall a pretty good episode of raw although they were very inconsistent with the matches. I enjoyed 90% of the promo's though.

WWE NXT Results April 14, 2010

It's challenge week round 2 for the rookies this time they have to learn speaking skills. It's pretty painful but Wade Barret completely stole the show. The rookies had a few seconds to try and make ridiculous topics sound compelling and Wade really aced it. A lot of the rookies seemed nervous and I was surprised Daniel Bryan didn't take it more seriously. Keep an eye on Wade Barret he's definitely the rookie to beat. Oh yeah and Michael Tarver embrassed himself again. The London crowd was really fierce also. Now on to the matches.

After the challenge we get some Extreme Rules promo's.

Darren Young is shown talking to the S.E.S about last week. CM Punk is visibly annoyed by Gallows interrupting him and says if Darren can beat Gallows he will be forgiven or else he gets his head shaved.

Match #1 Pro vs Rookie. Christian vs Wade Barrett

Pretty good match Christian and Barrett had great chemistry. Jericho distracts the ref so Wade can setup a finisher but Heath Slater grabs his foot allowing Christian to hit the Killswitch.

After match we get a peak about David "A-List" Otunga's Accesss Hollywood segment. If he improves his ring skills a bit he can definitely be a great force in the coming years.

The Miz is putting down Daniel Bryan backstage for his poor performance. What i found funny was he called him the Susan Boyle of the WWE, all the talent but no star power. The Miz is amazing in the promo as always.

Match #2 William Regal vs Daniel Bryan

A little piece of history between those two (i knew this before Michael Cole announced it) Bryan was trained by Regal who taught him a ton of submissions. When Regal was coming back to wrestling after a suspension or a injury I forget which he called up Bryan to help him train. Daniel Bryan wears maroon to honor Regal for helping him improve.

Another decent match but seemed much shorter then Match #1. Daniel Bryan tries to submit Regal with the Gulliotine and Regal eventually hits the Knee Trembler for the win. 0-8 for Bryan now.

The Miz runs in to hit the Skull Crushing Finale was a punishment for his loss. They are either making Bryan lose every week to A. Keep setting up his eventually match with the Miz or B. It's Vince's way of saying f you to all the Indie fans.

Match #3 Darren Young vs Luke Gallows
A much better match then I expected Darren Young showcased some pretty good skills. He rolls up Gallows for the 3 count. Afterwards Luke is on his knees begging CM Punk for forgiveness as he raises up Young's hand in victory.

Also since Wade Barret won the challenge this week he will have his own theme to walk to the ring to so thats a huge bonus.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TNA Lockdown Predictions

April 18, 2010 TNA Lockdown. The card is finally done so let the predictions begin.

Aj Styles(c) vs The Pope D'angelo Dinero. Since AJ has held the title for a while and they seem to be pushing pope I'm gonna give it to the Pope

Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarret, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam vs Team Flair (Sting, Beer Money, and Desmond Wolfe). Going to give it up Team Hogan so this feud will finally end.

Kurt Angle vs Mr.Anderson. Going with Kurt Angle another feud I hope TNA will end.

Douglass Williams(c) vs Kazarian vs Shannon Moore. Going to say Doug Williams retains the X Division Title.

Kevin Nash vs Eric Young. Giving it to Eric Young I hear they want to push him.

Team 3D vs the Band. Going to give it to team 3D hopefully this feud will end so we never have to see Scott Hall wrestle again.

Beautiful People(c) vs Angelina Love and Tara. Going with Beautiful People since Tara and Angelina won't be able to work together.

Why the TNA Tag Team championships nor the Global Championship being defended I have no earthly clue.

Post your predictions in the comments I'll be doing a follow up post seeing how many I got right.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bill Goldberg Possible WWE Return

Recently Bill Goldberg has been talking about his possible return to the WWE. He has begun negotiations and recently allowed the WWE to use his likeness for toys and mechandise. This could possibly be used to get some fan exposure before his return. Goldberg also talked about returning at Wrestlemania 27 so his son could see him perform. Hopefully Goldberg can remove the sour taste in fan's mouthes from his horrendous Brock Lesnar match at Wrestlemania XX.

Chavo Guerrero Most Underrated Superstar?

When you hear the surname Chavo Guerrero do you think, the guy from the great wrestling family, the guy who was involved in a feud with Hornswoggle, or frequent jobber. Chavo Guerrero is the nephew of the late great Eddie Guerrero and member of the legendary Guerrero wrestling family. Chavo was a member of the WCW cruiserweight division before joining the WWE in 2001 forming Los Guerreros with his uncle. They were fan favorites that would "lie, cheat, and steal" to win. After a feud with Eddie Guerrero Chavo adopted a Kerwin White gimmick. He would play a stereotypical white American however he abandoned the gimmick when his uncle died and even started using the trademark frog splash.

Chavo eventually began jobbing more and more and got less TV time. Most people knew his career was taking a turn for the worst when he lost his ECW championship to Kane in about 18 seconds at Wrestlemania. Chavo would eventually his an all-time low when he feuded with that o so loveable TV time stealer Hornswoggle. They would compete in different types of matches including one where Chavo was forced to dress as a cow. Sadly Chavo's potential has been wasted as with so many other superstars. Will he ever get the push he deserves? Only the future will tell.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kane Removing His Mask Biggest Mistake Of His Career?

Kane aka Glenn Jacobs is a 15 year WWE veteran. He made his debut in 1997 as the storyline masked brother of the Undertaker. Kane is the only man who was able to put fear into the Undertaker. He led to the creation of the Inferno Match. Kane won his first WWF world title only to lose it on Raw the next day. Kane and the Undertaker went on to form the dominate tag team known as the Brothers of Destruction. On the June 23, 2003 episode of Raw. Triple H defeated Kane and he was forced to remove his mask. Kane's last major feuds include his pregnancy/marriage to Lita, the fake Kane, Umaga, and the Great Khali. Sadly the Big Red Monster soon began to be known as the Big Red Jobber. Kane has since been used to help put over new superstars. He's had minor feuds with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Despite his decline in his career Kane still has a great fanbase. The WWE needs to show us that the Big Red Machine is not down and out.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Investigates Pro Wrestling

Well, not really, but this is a hilarious parody of Jesse Ventura's show "Conspiracy Theory," with the show looking into the conspiracy that pro wrestling is a hoax. The guy playing Ventura is pretty damn funny and nails Jesse pretty well. Look for cameos from "The Iron Sheik" (who re-tells the infamous WrestleMania 3 story involving Brian Blair) and "The Ultimate Warrior." It's been quite awhile since we've seen a parody involving wrestling that is actually funny.

Kevin Nash Wants Fans to Rename "The Band," Offers to Fly Winner to Impact!

So I guess we now have confirmation that we aren't the only ones who think the name "The Band" is an absolutely horrible name for Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Syxx-Pac.

The group has always been a legendary group of rebels, and always had a cool name, whether it was "The Kliq" (which was the name of the backstage group that ran together in the mid 90's,) the New World Order, or the Wolfpac. But "The Band" just sounds too much like a boy band reference or something. It references the phrase "The band's getting back together," which was fine for awhile, but it just isn't a fitting name for these guys.

Well now Kevin Nash realizes this as well and has asked on the official Kevin Nash Twitter for fans to give their ideas on a new group name and lets us know that "The Wolfpac" is out, presumably because of a WWE copyright. Now the real news, Nash says that he will not only fly the winner to Impact, but he will also put them on TV! That's right, think up something better than the horrible name "The Band," and you can get on TV courtesy of Kevin Nash. Here is what Nash had to say:

"band? or does anyone have anything better? wolfpac is out . best name I'll fly you to Impact and put  you on TV no shit . thinking caps on!!"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Former WCW Star Kanyon Found Dead

Former WCW star Chris Kanyon, who also wrestled as "Mortis" during his time in WCW was found dead Friday night of an apparent suicide. Kanyon was only 40 years old. Kanyon was regarded in WCW for his innovative offense, performing many new moves that hadn't been seen before. Kanyon also wrestled in WWE after WCW was bought by WWE, and teamed with long time partner DDP for a tag team title run. In recent years Kanyon made wrestling news by coming out of the closet, saying he was held back in his career due to his sexual orientation, but his attempts at this claim never really went anywhere. Early word has it that prescription pills were involved in his death, and some have claimed he didn't have much else now that he had not been wrestling. As many times as attempts have been made to offer help to wrestlers and former wrestlers in situations like this, it's still shocking every time we find out that another wrestler is gone too soon.