WWE Set to Close “WWE Universe” Site

A few million fans who take part in WWE’s attempt at their own social network labeled “WWE Universe” are set to be disappointed as the site is set to be closed on January 1, 2011.  WWE used the network for fans to talk everything WWE, and even interact with talents who had their own Universe profiles.  In actuality the major social networks like Facebook and Twitter provide everything and then some as far as talking WWE and interacting with talents, and the need for a WWE-only network isn’t really necessary.

I never checked out the Universe site much and wasn’t really aware it was still going, but apparently it still was and hosted some popular features like live chats with Howard Finkel during RAWs and pay per views, and Jim Ross’s “Ross Report.” Both of these features will now be featured on WWE.com  and will remain active.  In the announcement of the WWE Universe closing, we are reminded that WWE is still active on the big social networks, and can be found at the following:

* Twitter: twitter.com/WWE

* Facebook: Facebook.com/WWE

* YouTube: YouTube.com/WWE


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