Saturday, December 18, 2010

Next Up for Nexus?

This year in WWE story lines has seen many throwbacks to the days of yesterday. Perhaps one of the most surprising is the Nexus, the faction of bitter groupies that decided to rage against the professional wrestling machine after they failed to be declared the season one winner.

Grouping guys together for a common cause is an easy way to incorporate many personalities that may not otherwise see broadcast time. But it could be the launching pad for future WWE Superstars. The Rock first grabbed our attentions as part of the Nation of Domination. Triple H's rise from Degeneration X Version 1.0. The list goes on, and the potential for one of Nexus' members to make it beyond this push is not outside the realm of possibility. Ortunga, for example, has shown some serious ring skills, and he could easily slide in as a new leader for the group if the situation should arise.

Granted, the latest stable is just an 'x' away from having the same moniker as a line of women hair care products. Still, this stable has the stability to make a lasting impact on the business. Are there potential WWE champions among them? Maybe. Maybe not. But 2011 may just see more from the menacing motley crew. If nothing else, we will get to see its inevitable destruction. Mutiny is afoot, as evident by the latest RAW episodes, and no one can expect the guys to be beat up by John Cena every week. True, fans will bore of the back and forth with Cena soon enough. Still, here is hoping that something else can gel from this rivalry and that the writing staff does not snuff it out too soon.


  1. They COULD be the next nWo in this era....but WWE is just making them Cena's bitches. They'll be done within the year.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree and am willing to petition the creative staff to quit with the quick pay-per-view writing. They need to keep things fresh and stop letting the same handful guys duke it out for the title. Snore.

  3. First chance to blow so here I go. Kids watch wrestling and they learn from watching. What do they learn from WWE and Raw? Cheaters win. Has anyone in Mexus ever won a fair fight? How could an anonymous GM delegate Cena's fate to Wade Barrett? I leave the TV on when I go to work at night and usually watch NCIS, so WWE is on when I get back, but I quickly look for something else to warch because U get tired of seeing cheaters win and get rewarded. This generation of cheaters we are raising are supposed to be paying for our retirement!