WWE: Who’s Working, Who’s Not

The new guy here at prowrestlingroundup.com is yours truly, CAP Allen. I’ll be contributing here on at least a weekly basis, hopefully more. All you need to know is I’m going to keep you up to date with everything going on in WWE, TNA, and ROH. Enough about me. Time for my first post.

So what is working in the WWE right now? What isn’t?

WADE BARRETTT is WORKING. His mic work has been great from the start, and he’s improving in the ring every time out. The Cena/Barrett angle has been very good, and although Cena was “fired”, I’m willing to bet this is not over and Cena will return for a final one on one match with his former “boss”. In the meantime, Nexus will have to focus on Otunga, Orton, possibly Miz, and maybe R-Truth to keep going until Cena returns.

Speaking of the Miz, he’s WORKING too. Everyone loves him, and don’t get me wrong, I do too, but this has been a very slow rise to the top. Overall it has been well done, but I keep waiting for him to cash in the MITB, or for him to start getting clean wins over the top players, and it’s just not happening.

MICHAEL COLE is WORKING. Now, before you kill me for saying that let me ask you something. Do you hate Michael Cole? Chances are the answer is yes. And guess what gang…that means he’s working. You may not like Cole for the reason WWE wants you to not like him, but it really doesn’t matter. There is a lot of speculation on where this is going with him. I agree, that this better be going somewhere because if this is just a heel turn for the announcer and is the way he will be from now on without this being part of any angle, then this won’t be working for long. But think of all the possibilities, assuming this is an angle, that this can lead to. Cole s the GM, Cole as a member of nexus, Cole losing his job to JR, the Cole and Miz dynamic is interesting as well. So, while you may not like Michael Cole, what’s going on with him is interesting and tonight I will be tuning in partly to see if something happens with him.

DANIEL BRYAN is WORKING. This is the wrestling geek in me speaking right now. I watch WWE to be entertained but I also watch because I like to watch good solid wrestling matches. Sadly, those matches are far and few between these days. He will probably never be a world champ, but the guy gets it done in the ring and that has to count for something.

R-TRUTH is WORKING. He kind of is and isn’t. The gimmick is awful and he needs something to happen. Hopefully the backstage conversations he’s been having will lead to something, hopefully a heel turn.

SHEAMUS is NOT WORKING. I don’t think this will last long. He’s a Vince guy and they love him so no real worries here. Hopefully, the rub he gave Morrison at SS will help Morrison, and let Sheamus move on to something more important.

KANE is NOT WORKING. A couple months ago he was doing some of his best work ever, but not anymore. They have to get the title off him soon. Paul Bearer was a nice touch but even that is not helping. Kane got a nice title run as a tip of the cap to a great career. But it’s time to move on.

EDGE is NOT WORKING. Pains me to say it, because I like so much of what Edge has done but ever since he came back at the Rumble, he just hasn’t done anything that interests me. The feud with Jericho should have been epic, but it was just OK. He’s a heel, a face, a heel, a face…ugh. And the crap on Smackdown with Bearer in the wheelchair made me cringe as I watched Edge act like a fool.

ALBERTO DEL RIO is WORKING. They love him, I love him, and if you don’t, you should love him. You can see him getting better in the ring and his mic skills are great. Just change the ring gear, man. Really. Tell me he doesn’t look a little awkward looking with that speedo. He’s a pants guy.

BIG SHOW is WORKING. He could be champ at any time due to his size alone. At a moment’s notice the WWE could decide to push him as unbeatable for a month and put him in a championship match at the next pay per view. He’s playing the comedic face and the Rey Mysterio sympathizer like Batista used to do. And it’s working for me right now.

CODY RHODES is WORKING. The “dashing” gimmick is just OK but he’s running with it and showing he can get it done in the ring. He needs a program.

DREW MCINTYRE is NOT WORKING. He’s lost all his steam. He can wrestle and talk but it seems like creative can’t find something for him to sink his teeth into. Why did they bail on the Rhodes/McIntyre tag team so quickly? They could have been Morrison/Miz, maybe even better.

JACK SWAGGER is NOT WORKING. See above. What happened to this guy? he was pushed to the moon and now he’s in the lower mid-card area. And that “mascot”? Really? Thankfully that’s over. One side note, have you noticed the lisp? It’s pretty much gone.

There are others I can go into, but we will be here all day. There are guys that are doing some good things but WWE creative seems to be putting most of their effort into one or two things at a time now, which leaves everyone else just kind of there. The major angles are Cena/Orton/Nexus on RAW, and Kane/Bearer/Edge/Taker on Smackdown. One is doing well (RAW) and the other isn’t. But tonight is a night-after-a pay-per-view edition of RAW so hopefully we’ll get some new feuds and some fresh storylines.

That will do it for my first post. Hope you liked it. I will be back to discuss RAW tomorrow.


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