TNA version of what’s working, what’s not.

Last week I gave you a WWE post about what was working in the WWE and what I thought wasn’t working. So, for all the TNA fans out there (*ahem*), here’s the TNA Impact version…

“Immortals” is working: For the most part, anyway. There is still a strong resemblance of nWo to me here, which is such a tired gimmick and seems to be the only thing Russo and company know how to do. I will give it some more time, but when we get to the 4th, 5th, or 6th week in a row with the show ending with an Immortal beatdown after interfering in the main event, then this will move to the “not working” category. The group has legitimate workers. Hopefully, they will get to actually “work”.

Ric Flair is working: The guy has a new intensity that I love right now. His promos are as good as they have ever been.

Jeff Hardy is working: To be honest I’m a little surprised at how well Hardy has been in the heel role. It’s fresh and new and the dark character fits him perfectly. We need an “anti-Hardy” face character now to feud with him. But don’t expect that belt to move for a while.

EV2 is Not working: It’s time to bury these grizzled old veterans. The ECW originals have been brought back every year or so in some form or another, in one company or another, and every time it’s worse then the time before. Just let the ECW legend live on in our memories. Do yourself a favor and buy an old, original, ECW pay per view on DVD. Put it in and enjoy what it truly was, not what it’s trying to be now.

The TNA Knockouts are working: After really being a great part of Impact every week about 2 years ago, the Knockouts division fell off the map a bit and regressed. With the addition of Tara and Mickie James, as well as the emergence of Madison, the division has been entertaining again. The brawls are physical and they are taking advantage of the WWE PG rating with the sex appeal of the knockouts as well. Can you say T and A?

The “takeover” angle and Dixie Carter are not working: Again, more “takeover”, nWo stuff that we all are sick of. This aspect of the Immortals is the part that should go away. Why does every “owner” or person in charge in every wrestling company have to be a character on TV? TNA needs to get passed this soon, but I doubt that will happen.

Quick “working”: Motor City Machine Guns, Matt Morgan, Douglas Williams, and Kaz.

Quick “not working”: AJ Styles (not his fault, not being used well), team 3D split, The Pope, Abyss, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Jarett’s MMA fighting.

TNA is firmly the # 2 promotion in wrestling and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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