Time for a change with MITB?

The best RAW in a long, long, time in my opinion. Maybe the best of the year. Everyone’s favorite heel, The Miz, cashed in the Money In the Bank and is the new WWE Champion. While the questions are swirling as to where the WWE will go from here with the title, I have to ask a different question, has the MITB anytime, anywhere, format run it’s course?

Those in favor are going to say that it adds excitement, and that is a no-brainer. When the briefcase gets cashed in the arena gets a buzz because they know the title is about to change. Last night, I sat right up when I heard the AWESOME! And his music hit. I knew the Miz was cashing in and I was on the edge of my seat. But the way it’s being done, after matches, when the champ is beaten to hell, makes me think that maybe we need a little change. Regardless of the excitement, it’s usually not even a match. One or two minutes, if that, and boom! New Champ!

The flip side is to not allow the MITB winner to cash in after the champ already had a match. RVD did that years ago at One Night Stand vs. Cena. It worked and he won, with help from Edge, and the atmosphere was amazing for that match. Maybe you like that batter. I personally would rather keep the anytime, anywhere, excitement the MITB creates. But that’s just me.

Orton put up one of the better fights before falling victim like all the rest. I like the concept and I don’t want to change it on the surface. I think the WWE would be better served if the person cashing in doesn’t ALWAYS win. How about he loses? Or he gets DQ’d? Or how about the person he’s feuding with interferes, screwing him out of the title and furthering their feud? Something where it doesn’t work every single time. Miz cashed and and while it created excitement, everyone knew he would win the title. I would like to think that’s something that WWE would want to avoid as well.

I would love to hear some comments on this. What do you think? Should they change the rules to where its just a title match but not after the champ already had a match? Or make a behind the scenes change so that it’s not a forgone conclusion that the MITB winner will eventually become champion?

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