Old School RAW – For the Win…Until Next Week

The Old School RAW was probably the best RAW of the year, kind of sad in a way since we know that next week we’ll be back to the same old crap.  WWE really went all out, bringing back the old ring, attires, sets, legends etc.  It was crazy to see all the old 90’s stuff back, and it actually felt really fresh.  The same old crap we see every week has gotten REALLY stale, so seeing the old stuff was like a breath of fresh air.  Some of the old features they used even made me wonder why they don’t still use them, such as the picture in picture promos like the one Kofi Kingston did.  This was a staple of the 80’s and early 90’s, and gives guys a chance to get some talking in and make sense of what they’re doing.  Also the old set was nice, with the giant RAW letters and just a few fireworks.  We don’t need the exact same stage and effects EVERY SINGLE week.
Another thing that majorly stood out, was Roddy Piper delivering on the mic like he’s done many times in the past.  His Piper’s Pit with John Cena, Randy Orton, and Wade Barret actually made me care about the angle for the first time.  Piper is gold and knows how to get a story over, which is why he should be in a regular role on the Pit to help get stories over.  Speaking of delivering, Jim Ross returned to the broadcast booth as a guest commentator on the Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger match, and immediately had me thinking how SOMEone had to wake up and get JR back in the permanent position he deserves instead of sitting on the sidelines. 
Not everything worked (Mae Young’s segment felt a bit forced, but we can’t expect much more from Mae these days) but overall it was a very fun show, proving WWE could still entertain us if they try.  The TV-PG thing was pushed way more than it has in a long time, with various cuss words being used here and there……which is nice for adults who don’t want to watch a total kiddie show.  I would’ve like to have seen a legends battle royal on the show, since guys like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tony Atlas, and Tatanka were there and geared up and ready, but only made cameos.

I hate to think of the usual crap RAW’s returning next week, but in my opinion, if nothing else tonight proved that the legends can be used to enhance what the new guys are doing and can help keep things interesting rather than the same old RAW is BORE that we normally get.

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