The Miz Cashes In and Wins the WWE Title

Tonight’s RAW was one of the best of the year, with the main hype going in being the John Cena Firing angle.  While the Cena firing delivered in my opinion Cena’s best performance in years, there was a lot more going down.  Cena was able to deliver a promo that even made all of us that chant “Cena sucks!” sort of like the guy.  He was believable, and acknowledged that his main fan base are kids and women.  He got everyone involved, and brought out emotion in pretty much every fan in the arena, even if it was laughing along with those who say he sucks. 

The other main happening on RAW (which ties in with the Cena angle as well) was the anonymous GM making a Survivor Series rematch of Randy Orton defending the WWE Title against Wade Barrett.  Earlier in the night, the seeds were planted for how things would go down, as Alex Riley appeared claiming Miz had a “panic attack” backstage and would be unable to make his King of the Ring qualifying match against Ezekiel Jackson.  There was a fishy feeling to that one right away, but I believe it was WWE’s way of getting everyone interested and thinking The Miz would cash in tonight. 

As Orton made his way to the ring, The Nexus attacked and injured his knee.  Orton made it to the match, and after a Cena run in from the crowd, retained his title after an RKO on Barrett.  After a brief celebration, The Miz’s music hit, and right away we were in full on Money in the Bank cash in mode.  After a brief match, The Miz reversed an RKO into the Skull Crushing Finale to win his first WWE Championship.  The win makes perfect sense, as The Miz is the move over heel in WWE right now, and is ready to take that to the next level.

Tonight felt like a night WWE made some good changes, freshened things up, and maybe even gained some long term interest with the new main event picture.  Cena being gone (or the story of his comeback) will be interesting to follow, as well as Orton and the Nexus’s reaction to the Miz winning the title.  I have a feeling we will have some sort of mega celebration on RAW next week, put on by Michael Cole of course.  After tonight, the Era of Awesome has arrived, but will things remain as awesome as they were tonight?

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